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PES 2015 turned out to be much better than expected and when compared to FIFA 15; it's very close to becoming the number one soccer game on the market. PES 2015 looks great on the Next Gen consoles with exceptionally detailed graphics. If your a FIFA 15 fan, you will find Pro Evolution Soccer just as exciting, because the gameplay is fantastic and the commentary can be very entertaining so it does add a bit of humor to the game.

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Galletto31410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

I hope this game sells well. FIFA has sat on its lions share of the soccer game market and done jack all, except except work on their cash cow FUT.

Maybe with some healthy competition they can both push each other to make better games.

iistuii1410d ago

I don't know what happened to Fifa this year. They seem to have got to the stage that Pro Evo got to years ago where they had the best game they could make, but had to somehow justify people buying more than an update roster. So they started tinkering with things like the goalkeepers & shooting & now have completely ruined a very good game. But not only that, they have let in PES again to compete for the first time in years as this years PES is a much better game IMO.

iceman061409d ago

What happened to FIFA? The same thing that pretty much happens to all EA sports titles. They get very popular. The devs implement smaller ideas while completely missing the BIG picture. Rinse and repeat. FIFA, Madden, Live, and even it's "best" title NHL have all succumbed to the EA cycle at one point or another. PES 2013 was a great game. Far better than what FIFA offered on the field. However, it was the first PES in a long time to get it right. Therefore, people didn't really buy into it. PES 2014, while a decent offering, had many issues with the engine. But, you could see that the ideas were there. With PES now on the next gen, and the devs getting work with the FOX engine, they could focus on ironing out the smaller bugs and give us the clear picture...and it's a good one.

Exari1410d ago

lol that was a one poorly written "review"