Halo: TMCC is a 'thank you to our fans' - Phil Spencer

Neil writes "Halo: The Master Chief Collection is out right now and Phil Spencer wants you to think of it as a way of Microsoft saying thank you to the fans!"

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christocolus1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Great job 343i&MS. You guys have done a good job. I hope Halo5 turns out great too.

u got owned1410d ago

And we thank you for that Phil :)

choujij1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Well, I feel silly. Here I thought the MCC was an attempt to capitalize of the popularity of Halo and help move more Xbox Ones.

otherZinc1410d ago

You're welcome.

Now, my kids & I will wait for The Halo 3 Anniversary Edition in a few years.



tgunzz1410d ago

Shoot, I'm feeling very appreciated right now (I can't deny it)... TMCC is an amazing collection, with equally amazing value... There should be no arguement here. Game on!

TheSaint1409d ago

Thank you and pay me for the pleasure of thanking you?

It's not a 'thank you' if it has to be paid for.

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oKidUKo1410d ago

If it's a thank you it'd be free or alot cheaper... I'd appreciate it more then.

Volkama1410d ago

Yeah. Maybe take us to dinner as well. Is that so much to ask?

Pogmathoin1410d ago

I'd appreciate you getting lost somewhere...

starrman19851410d ago

Was pretty much £39.99 across the board, considering most games are about £47+ I think that's a pretty fair price!

oKidUKo1410d ago

Oh it's not an awful price but it doesn't really feel like a thank you, that's all.

Volkama1410d ago

They could easily have released Halo 2 Anniversery and charged that same price, which is what most people expected before the announcement.

This collection feels genuinely generous.

starrman19851410d ago

Yeah, even though it wasn't massively cheaper, for a game that could probably have been up charged for all the content they actually chose to reduce it a little :)

Ron_Danger1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

And this is the same entitled attitude that leads a handful of other vocal gamers to complain about the "free" version of Driveclub. MCC is 4 games with over 100 multiplayer maps and you still complain about the price?

These companies don't owe us gamers anything. They could've very easily offered each game as a separate $20 download.

oKidUKo1410d ago

I never complain about free or heavily discounted but considering I don't fancy playing all four same Halos again, can't I have a thank you that's like a cheaper Halo 5 or something?

Death1410d ago

If they really wanted to thank me, they would pay off my house. Or buy me a new car.

Volkama1410d ago

Or write a you a card. It's the thought that counts.

Can't believe I didn't even get a card.

Death1410d ago

Dammit. I didn't even think of that. A nice card would also do the trick. Not one of those cheap 49 cent ones though.

ABizzel11410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )


I knew the technical comment was coming (although he did set himself up for this).

MCC isn't a Thank You (I don't think I've seen anyone pay for a Thank You), but it is an all around fan service.

1410d ago
ABizzel11410d ago

@Letsa_go (nice Mario 64 reference)

I completely agree, and said the same thing, which is why they were so ambiguous about the Halo at the XBO reveal. But it's understandable.

I agree 100% about GTA. It too much of an upgrade compared to the other remasters not to have been in development much longer.

I think the TLoUs was simply done out of necessity because PS3 games didn't get to do well in the US thanks to a much smaller market share 27m vs 45m vs 47m, so that's why we'll see more remakes from Sony. They have a potential new 18m people to sell to.

rainslacker1409d ago

I've gotten random thank you gifts from retailers before. Usually a gift certificate, or in some cases a really good deal on some product they data mined I had an interest in. In the latter case it's a way to generate revenue, and not really a thank you gift. When it comes to the deals, it helps build customer loyalty. I doubt the MCC collection is going to do that really, and was more a way to offer a great product to its customers at a reasonable price, with the bonus of helping move systems.:) In the end, isn't that a good thing regardless? I'm sure that X1 owners are happy to get more content.

mhunterjr1410d ago

When most companies would give a single remaster (of a game that came out a year ago) and charge you $60 for it, 343i is giving you 4 games complete with all DLC ever released... You've got a lot of nerve.

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MCTJim1410d ago

I have been having so much fun with this game. Its beautiful!! Such value in this game over 100 maps included and just the sheer fun its been delivering :D Thank you Phil Spencer for delivering what you promised!!

Volkama1410d ago

I've only got started on Halo 1 so far, which isn't that beautiful. But damn is it still fun!

starrman19851410d ago

Started it on legendary, URGH! so hard...

BX811410d ago

Same here. God I forgot how hard games could be. Lol

vikingland11410d ago

But you must admit it looks and plays better than it did before the face lift. I agree it's not as pretty as the rest of the franchise. 60 fps feels great.

Volkama1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Sure 60fps feels better, but it was awesome in it's original guise as well. It is the AI, level design, gameplay mechanics, pacing, and audio design that make it so good.

Edit @ below, I kinda thought the opposite, at least of the pillar of autumn. I don't remember it being such a light grey. Outside feels more familiar in terms of art.

I'll flip the engine later to see if it is just my memory deceiving me :)

mhunterjr1410d ago

What's cool about it is that I thought the CE:A graphics were the original graphics... So imagine my shock when I switched to classic view. They did a really good job of catering to nostalgia, making the game as you remember it, then you flip a switch and see how far we've actually come.

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MeliMel1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Hey, im an offline gamer and wanted to know if I need to download 20gb update or any for that matter, to get the game running. Ill buy it if im able to play offline.

Edit: Thanks in advance.

Omran1410d ago

have great time microsoft fans, coming from sony fan :)

Omran1410d ago

lol you are here again, I'm nathan drake from true gaming xD

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