Assassin’s Creed Unity review embargo used to hide its technical issues?

Due to the fact that Assassin’s Creed Unity is Ubisoft’s first foray on current-generation hardware, it seems plausible that the company (which has seen a hefty share of negative feedback over the past 2 months) may have commissioned a review embargo in order to keep gamers unaware of its technical issues…and technical issues, it definitely has.

Furthermore, prominent gaming YouTuber TotalBiscuit stated the following: "I have absolutely no doubt that the review embargo for Unity was set after launch because of what a technical mess the game is."

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KrisButtar1375d ago

Publishers should not have the power to force review embargoes

whyisthehorsestaring1375d ago

I agree, the embargo should end at least 3 days before release.

DesertFoxJr1375d ago

Agreed. Embargoes have their place in the industry, but keeping one going half a day after release? Something seems a bit off.

DarthZoolu1375d ago

I don't understand how in America any one organization can tell any other entity or organization that they are not allowed to give their opinion on a product.

AliTheSnake11375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

For people who bought the game, what about the Day one huge patch ? Did that fix a lot of the issues? My friend is playing the game on PS4, he said he loves it, and he didn't encounter any glitches yet, and he said the framerates are normal, like any other 30fps third person game.
Maybe the framerates issue is a pre-patch thing?

Ashunderfire861375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

That is what is lol! Everybody thinks they are paid to give high reviews, but its all about that patch first before the review. So this is what game companies are really doing hmmm.

TheStrokes1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I remembrance in the 90s games would be reviewed about 2-4 weeks before they hit the shelves. I also think reviews back then meant a lot more than most of them do now, but times have changed and money is power.
Too many developers are putting these embargoes up and sending out games that need major patches and have loads of glitches.

Maybe if they spent their millions on developing their games right they wouldn't feel the need to act so shady and feel confident in their work, like they always do at early stages, only for it to be about 70% as good as first promised.

Ashunderfire861375d ago

Not Nintendo though they give us Wii U and 3DS games with little to no problems. All their games are top notch.

FullmetalRoyale1375d ago

Remember back when they said they barely had the game running in single digit frames six months ago?

Suddenly I find myself believing them. Now I believe the 900p parity was a smokescreen to hide that they could barely get the game to the state in which it is CURRENTLY. They couldn't even get to the point where they worry about getting higher resolution.

frostypants1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

How are you gonna stop them? They control who gets review copies. Break the embargo, and they don't send you one next time. How could you possibly prevent that? No one is going to pass a law.

Back in the day, virtually no one (if anyone, depending on the publisher) got review copies. Reviewers evaluated the game after it was available to everyone else. Just be patient and wait a few days after release before buying anything. I don't get why people must buy stuff at launch. It's just asking to get burned.

LightofDarkness1374d ago

That's not really true. A lot of gaming magazines back then got review copies up a month before release to ensure it would be printed before release. Games that didn't make that mark weren't usually embargoed though, they just weren't finished enough to be reviewed by that point in many cases (for better or worse).

AngelicIceDiamond1375d ago

I can't with these companies. Its obvious current gen causes way to much pressure for them to handle.

Phoenix761375d ago

@Kris: sadly they do mate. What I personally find to be worse than embrogo's, is when big game publishers coo review sites with free games and hardware in exchange of glowing review, or in the recent case of the now infamous M3XBL1 or whatever it was called, where people were being paid (yes that's right, PAID) to give out glowing reviews on YouTube. That real pisses me off.

clevernickname1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I agree, but what should really be happening is that reviewers should be purchasing games at launch and evaluating games based on what the actual consumer is going to be playing, rather than review copies where the day one patches are not even applied.

This way the game publishers have no control over review embargoes and reviewers maintain their independence. Of course it derails the hype train and early access that so many in the gaming media desperately want. That's why it will never happen, although it should.

BluFish1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Embargoes are a huge red flag for me. After Destiny, and now this, if you don't let me see it in depth until release I'm not buying it day one. Period.

wsoutlaw871375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

They are sending you a free copy of the game, for you to make money off of, so they can obviously set some conditions. The majority of big games have release day embargos just because it makes business sense for these high pre ordered games. Im sick of the conspiracies every time a game isnt good. The embargos are set to prevent reviews from causing cancelled preorders. It doesn't mean they know its bad. The last of us had one too.
For games with lower preorder numbers, it makes more sense to alow early reviews to get more people excited, like dragon age is doing.

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Niv1375d ago

Watch dogs situation here but worse !

DesertFoxJr1375d ago

Yes, arguably worse. Ubisoft may be taking the "worst game company" crown from EA this year.

shammgod1375d ago

Especially after Dragon Age inquisition has pulled the embargo a week before release and has been getting great praise.

Also, DA I has 1080p on PS4.

It seems EA let Bioware do their thing with DA I

Aleithian1375d ago

Sure looks like that's why the embargo was in place...

XXXL1375d ago

For sure. Total bullshit on Ubi's part. But nowadays what can you expect.

Aleithian1375d ago

Well Bioware did the right thing. They took time to correct their previous mistakes, to make a good game, and to allow early reviews.

Maybe we should all make a special point of remembering Bioware's efforts. For my part, I'll be buying ACU used, but will buy DAI at full price.

Letthewookiewin1375d ago

I would not have bought this if I new how bad it is, that's what I get though. The NPC's literally walk through each other and objects. They disappear and reappear, the clothes change as you walk around, the frame rate is almost always choppy, you can tell its low resolution. Won't be buying anything form youbesoft again. I absolutely belive they didn't want people to know all this before hand.

Mikelarry1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

the NPC and clothes should be the least of your worries when the below happens

Omnisonne1375d ago

Damn, that should go with the list of most creepy videogame glitches lol

MasterCornholio1375d ago

-clicks link-


WTF is that?


Now I'm going to have nightmares.....

sungam3d1375d ago


Welcome to Assassins Creed smooth skin.
Enjoy your stay.

Aleithian1375d ago

I chose to wait. Ubi has screwed me before with their hasty releases. The first sure evidence I had though was the parity fiasco. It wasn't so much the parity per se, but their reason: first avoiding debates, then the need for NPC AI. The vacillating on the reason coupled with the desire for 5000 NPCs clued me in to Ubi's bad choices.

jmac531375d ago

I have a feeling it's more for the gamers who purchased this on Amazon and other Internet sites. At the point the reviews come out there is no way they can cancel their preorder.

Omnisonne1375d ago

Yh its a dirty trick, however it should tell people to be careful with pre-orders.

Or in the best case, stop pre-ordering completely as the risk of being ripped off is not worth the wee bonusses

Know what you buy and all

bleedsoe9mm1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

i'm willing to bet Rogue is a better game thats why they didn't send out review copies , didn't want reviewers comparing a good ac game to a bad one .

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