Will Mortal Kombat X Drop Last Gen Systems?

Looking at the list of currently announced video games for 2015, Mortal Kombat X stands out for one head-scratching reason in particular: it's available for current gen and last gen consoles. Phasing out the last generation of consoles is an eventual reality, but it's made quicker by games with larger budgets that can take advantage of all the newer consoles have to offer. Mortal Kombat X is certainly one of those games.

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decrypt1412d ago

Hopefully it does so, Mk 9 was fun though, still have it installed on my HTPC.

KonsoruMasuta1411d ago

Well, it's a fighting game that is restricted to a 2d view. It wouldn't require as much power as Dying Light and can still use current gen machines to improve.

skydragoonity1411d ago

There's no need to drop last gen systems cus it still has a large install base and they can make more money from that. My opinion anyways

LightofDarkness1411d ago

That depends on how much it costs optimizing the game for last gen systems vs. projected sales and whether or not the optimization requires them prolonging their release window. They can churn this game out quickly on Xbox One, PS4 and PC due to their shared x86 architecture (it's not a 1:1 deal as PS4 and Xbox/PC use different libraries) and because the level of detail ceiling ends there. Having to strip back details and retouch assets so they fit nicely onto the older systems will take some amount of time and cost them in the long run. It may be wise to simply jump ship now, especially with the fighting game market starving on next gen currently. They could be quite happy to release earlier and enjoy the lion's share of the market there (at the currently inflated retail prices too).

decrypt1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

They would have to optimize the games for the last gen systems then.

As of now all systems are x86, hence probably very cost effective to develop for new systems only.

Also its healthy for the gaming industry that old consoles be phased out so people buy the new machines.