Why Dragon Age: Inquisition Definitely Won’t Disappoint You

Twinfinite writes, "Dragon Age: Inquisition is quickly approaching. The hype is building, but some are worried that Dragon Age: Inquisition will be yet another disappointment. While some of the doom and gloom may be warranted, there are a few reasons to suggest that we won’t be disappointed come November 18th."

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Bigpappy1372d ago

I think it's 1080p on PS4, so there is no way it could disappoint

Xavior_Reigns1372d ago

Yeah no, while that is a big plus on the PS4 side, it doesn't stop it from possibly being a bad game. I remember DA2 getting some great scores and its only afterwards that the real picture got painted. By then EA & Bioware already had handfuls of money.

I really would love to buy this day one and see for myself, but I need more than just gaming critics scores.

Bigpappy1372d ago

I actually played and enjoyed DA2. Not as good as 1, but I didn't regret buying it at all

Aleithian1372d ago

My enthusiasm for this game has skyrocketed to new heights after the flurry of great reviews.

Manubiggs1372d ago

Between dragon age, gta5 and diablo, I think I'm set till the spring

Xavior_Reigns1372d ago

To think so many were complaining during the drought and even more so when several games got delayed. Now many are upset because they won't be able to play everything releasing lol.

Eamon1372d ago

gta V + da:I = gaming set till 2015.

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