Grandmother who uses World of Warcraft to cope with cancer became the heart of a new documentary

‘WoW MoM’ is the creation of her daughter, comedian Andie Bolt, and has earned $15,000 so far in its Kickstarter campaign.

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crazytown991414d ago

That's a really cool story. Kinda reminds me of Animal Crossing Mom, only way happier.

WeAreLegion1414d ago

Yes. Much much happier. :/

ColManischewitz1414d ago

I love it when people use video games to help heal and cope. Despite the nastiness of recent months, the larger community of gamers is an accepting, supportive bunch. And this shows it.

Stapleface1414d ago

People do it on a daily basis. I think it's far more common than people think. You just get a few that are actually written about here and there. I'm a very ill person. Don't want to get into details, but gaming keeps my sanity in check as well as keeps my mind off of the things I'm feeling physically. I wish there were more articles like this than the common click bait fanboy fuel stuff we see all too often.

contradictory1413d ago

Gaming helped me with severe depression when i was young.. i probably wouldn't be alive right now without them