Gamekult Review: Halo : The Master Chief Collection

Forced to wait until 2015 to see a new episode landed on Xbox One, fans' of Halo have not been forgotten by Microsoft which mandated 343 Industries for the development of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Real dinner aperitif, this edition includes the four canonical episodes of the saga, which we instalent in the armor of "Major" and endorses the daunting task of strengthening the line-up season of One

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sebzhd1343d ago Show
NukaCola1343d ago

Why is this website aloud on here or the meta? Anything worth having is destroyed in their reviews. WTF?/NO!

Farmassy1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

yeah this is a joke. Total clickbait.

Why do they care enough to create an entire review just for the sole purpose of putting down the game? Clicks I guess. Too bad they wouldn't rather try to be unbiased journalists who actually took some pride in what they do

aviator1891343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

I don't want to give them any clicks.
Why'd they give it a 6/10?

edit: nvm, just read az1mov's post.
lol, it's like they expected all of the old games to be completely new games and built from the ground up again... smh.
Do they not get that this is just a remastering of older games?

DeadlyOreo1342d ago

I wonder if any reviewers do an updated review to mark down the game for the terrible online at present, just like Driveclub got marked down. Makes sense does it not?

TheWatercooler1343d ago

This collection certainly is getting some low scores. Like the review says it's down to inconsistency.

GT 5 suffered the same thing. They had a few 100 pristine cars but because they included cars from the PS2 that didn't look as good the game got marked down for it.

Same thing is happening here. Good review

aviator1891343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

what other low scores?
This is the first one.

ReturnToSanity1343d ago

It has been getting 10/10 and 9s. Why are you making up numbers?

Farmassy1343d ago

hey everybody what do you know? TheWatercooler has negative things to say in an xbox related article? Oh wait, he hates anything xbox related and always spends his one bubble trying to troll.

Dude you are pathetic. People can have their disagreements about which console is better and that is fine... but to act like this is a completely reasonable review is just so pathetically desperate it saddens me. We might have our disagreements but I at least thought you had enough self respect to admit when a game franchise that has revolutionized gaming is better than a 6/10. This article is clickbait and you just eat that sh#t up.

Pogmathoin1343d ago

He had a Halo low scores metacritic wet dream... Poor guy is confused.... Woke up and watched videos of people playing games.....

u4one1343d ago

umm. its at 90 on metacritic.

Stiffler1343d ago

Whatever you think Saltwater.

This is the first low score but keep on pulling those numbers out of your behind.

Anything to bash halo and MS. Fanboys...sheesh

Concertoine1343d ago

The fact that 6 people agreed...

Kingdomcome2471343d ago

You again... I find you to be the worst troll on this site. Not so much due to your trolling, others can compete on that front, but your hypocrisy in attempting to call out others trolling. Congratulations, you're the first person that I actually feel the need to hit the ignore button for.

OT:6? This is the first negative review I've yet to see.

N4GDgAPc1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Well I wouldn't give it a 6 for me but a 7.5/10 so far. I played halo when it first came out and some reason I couldn't get into it and hated it. Well I played the beta of Destiny thinking I would have the same thoughts but really enjoyed it. So I bought the halo remastered to see if my taste buds have changed. I can say they have. I don't hate it so far but after playing the first 5 levels it's just an alright game. I'm hearing this has an epic story and it's Not there yet. But I got to say level 5 is one of the most repetitive level designs I can think of. Level 5 brought it a 8 to a 7.5 alone. And design was so similar after taking out a wave of enemies I would not know which door I came out of because it was so similar in design.

Will see if the score goes up after beating it. Only played half of first game.

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Bigpappy1343d ago

LOL. Just move on. Nothing to see here

otherZinc1343d ago

What a joke of a wannabe "journalist".
Lol, he's buttery smelly garbage.
6/10, yeah right.

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InTheLab1343d ago

The value of the collection alone makes this a troll review.

MonkeyOne1343d ago

It's amazing how paying for something you already paid for before is a value.

meganick1343d ago

Why assume everyone who buys this has played any or all the games in this collection?

KiwiViper851343d ago

I've played Halo 1 at a friends and Halo 3 when it was Games with Gold. So I haven't spent a cent on Halo. This is tremendous value for money.

Plus I get to play every game and be up with the play when Halo 5 releases.

But don't worry, no ones gonna try and stop you from buying the last of us, from last year.

isa_scout1343d ago

People like to complain about remastered games and stuff,but then they'll go out and purchase the remastered Star Wars and Lord of the Rings trilogies(I own both). Games are no different than seeing one of your favorite movies remastered in HD. For my money being able to play Halo 2 with updated visuals was well worth $60.00 alone. MS throwing in all 4 games was just the icing on the cake....And since it's our money and not yours I fail to see how it is any of your business what we decide is worthy of spending it on.

InTheLab1343d ago

I've never paid for H2 or its remaster. As far as collections go, this is one of the best collections even if you've played these games.

Also, these classics have modern matchmaking so it's nice to have these servers up again.

ManiacMansion1343d ago

In your logic TLOU should also get 6/10 then, right?

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Az1mov1343d ago

They basically say:

Plus side:
-4 games in 1
-Successfully remastered
-The remastered original soundtrack
-Halo Fan service
-Bonus content

Down side:
-First episodes outdated gameplay
-Quality disparity between versions
-Level design
-French version suck (Dubbing/Voice Overs)

turdburgler10801343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

French version? Oh they're french. That explains it;-)

@Az1 not sure if you got the joke. It's a silly sterotype.

Az1mov1343d ago

Yep one of the Major French gaming website :)

Az1mov1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

@turdburgler1080 :p didn't get the 1st time

Stiffler1343d ago

Thanks for the TLDR. Don't give these trolls the clicks cos this 6/10 is TOTALLY unjustified. I'm amazed that this gets the ok for submission 'cos it reads like trash.

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CrowbaitBob1342d ago

I'm loving the MCC, but I have to agree with anyone calling into question the game design of Halo:CE. I just finished playing through the campaign yesterday and that's gotta be the most repetitive level design I've ever seen. Tons of the same exact three or four rooms repeated over and over again connected by boring corridors. The basic gameplay and outdoor environments are great though.

Halo:CE was amazing back in the day, but now it's just really tired. The graphical enhancements are mind blowing though. Switching back and forth between old and new visuals is extremely enlightening.

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