How Chest Farming is Ruining Destiny

Gameranx: "Fans aren't happy with chest farming in Destiny."

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thorstein1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Another "Destiny is a failure" article? Give it a rest, hateboy.

Let go of your anger. Why do you act like Bungie came into your house and stole your cookies? Millions of people own this game. Millions of people are still playing it despite great alternative titles coming out.

And millions are still enjoying it. (or go believe the haters that claim people play a game they hate for hours on end.)

So, to claim "fans aren't happy with chest farming" is a strange way to interpret that Destiny is tweaking the way resources are handled in game.

When you make claims, please provide evidence.

(my source:

Derekvinyard131413d ago

When it comes to actual meterials used for upgrading I think the hardest thing to get large quantities of is the ascend shards

AndyScooby1412d ago

Derek I find best way for shards is do the raid I'm upto 56 shards after just two raids I start them with 2 mate :-)

WildArmed1412d ago

I'd recommend running dailies at lv28 and ofc, using your vanguard marks to break down cheap stuff from the store.

KwietStorm1412d ago

Do daily missions every day, do the raid every week, get your vanguard marks up to buy cheap armor, and dismantle it for shards. 3 guardians, rinse, repeat. Way more than enough materials.

kneon1412d ago

Don't forget to do the public events, you get ascendant materials for the first 3 star each day plus a bonus for first one each the week, plus I just seem to get random extra bonuses occasionally.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1412d ago

You know I enjoy the game, but man...I have so many things that need relic iron and farming that shit is boring as hell.

WildArmed1412d ago


I'm looking forward to their patch for these materials.. I just really hope it isn't microtransactions courtesy of Activision.

KwietStorm1412d ago

I get about 40 relic iron in 15-20 minutes. If you do it right, farming materials is quick and easy. Tedious, but done quickly.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1412d ago


I know what you're referring to. The farm run near all the vex, problem is that with 2-3 other people around it's impossible to do since no one likes cooperating.

akiraburn1412d ago

Actually, one of the best ways to farm Relic Iron is in that first area on Mars. Right from where you spawn in, you begin moving in a clockwise direction hugging the wall and entering each cave along the way. Every cave has a chance to contain a chest which can give one or two relic iron, as well as the possibility of some green uncommon items. There's also plenty of random relic ore deposits that spawn as you drive around.

You should be able to hit 4 caves if you just traverse the outskirts, with an extra one you want to hit near the middle of the map (I tend to find a chest there less commonly). You don't need to engage in most fights since you can typically drive around enemies, nor do you even need to get off your Sparrow when entering the caves (something I see many people do). Every so often you might even get lucky and hit a chest that gives you 8 to 12 relic iron and some decent engrams (seems very rare). Obviously, if you have a partner or two to do this with, it's a lot quicker because you can call out chest locations to each other.

And sometimes you might find other people doing their runs for chests, but I've found that the chests respawn fast enough that you usually can still find enough to not be in each other's way. If nothing else, either you can back out and re-launch Mars patrol getting a new instance, or you can follow their lead. More often though, you'll be alone or with someone who just farms the bottom cave for enemies and chests. So you should be able to build up a lot of relic iron quickly using this way. It is a grind, but seems to take less time than anywhere else

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Maxor1412d ago

This is not a Destiny hate article when it's the truth. This game just fails in so many areas. Hell if someone wanted to document failures of Destiny even in it's current state, without any of the release woes, it'll be a freaking series. There is a wealth of material to work with.

JeffGUNZ1412d ago

Read the article before you comment. The author has never played the game, it is so apparent. He states that people farm chests to get the best weapons and gear to reach light level 30. That is completely incorrect. People farm chests to get materials to upgrade gear. You can only get to level 30 with raid gear. Also, this idiot didn't even proof read and had spelling mistakes. What a joke of an article.

Maxor1412d ago

He was factually wrong about needing to reach 30 by farming chests, yes. But the need to farm chests to upgrade your end game weapon is still a pain in the ass. It's yet another flaw in Bungie loot economy, one with many glaring issues since launch.

WildArmed1412d ago

But I do hate chest farming in Destiny. It's the most boring part of Destiny... except from Dinklebot.. well maybe it's a draw.

I really hope the next patch that is supposed to address this issue comes soon. I don't want to farm more spirit blooms.. uggghhh.

Also, they need to make the Icebreaker come back this week (I mention this on a completely unrelated note)

Christopher1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

What a sad argument, thorstein. Someone complains about an element of the game they think is adversely affecting the game and your response is to just name call and use hyperbole to equate it to them robbing the person or the like?

Millions of people can enjoy a game, but that doesn't mean it doesn't need improving in many areas.

By your logic, they should never fix bugs as long as 3.2m people are playing on a regular basis. I mean, they're obviously enjoying the game, why change it?

starchild1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

By the same token, thousands of vocal complainers can think something needs improving, but that doesn't mean it actually does (at least not from the perspective of those that like it).

You can't satisfy everybody. Developers have to make cautious changes to their games and not fall into the trap of trying to satisfy everyone.

We all have different tastes and preferences. It's ok if someone genuinely has a complaint about this, or any, game. But there is no doubt that there has been an overblown amount of negativity directed at this game.

Christopher1412d ago

@starchild: I agree with that.

What I do know, of the people I play Destiny with... none of them like having to farm for materials. I don't mind it too much, I'd rather they fix the bugs involved with the raid as well as some raid elements that I think are unnecessary (for example, having to stand front right with the shield to not get hit by splash damage when you should be able to stand anywhere on the platform as long as you get there with the shield).

starchild1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

It's really sad what the gaming community has devolved into. And what's sadder is that it is only a fairly small minority of gamers that have twisted it this way.

Those that enjoy Destiny, keep on enjoying it. Those that don't, please go play something else and quit investing your time in bashing a game that doesn't appeal to you.

Christopher1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I disagree with this sentiment solely because if you raise a complaint about the game you are automatically lumped into the 'hater' and 'basher' crowd.

I can enjoy a game and still make constructive complaints about it.

Edit: just to note, I'm not saying the hyperbole in the article being discussed here is acceptable. Only that it doesn't take this level of hyperbole for someone to be labeled the same as the author.

freshslicepizza1412d ago

you should be able to freely express your views on any game, both positive and negative, as long as its constructive. so stop telling people to go do something else if they have valid issues with the game. sure if someone does a drive-by and says destiny sucks that's a legit reason to tell them to go away. but if they say the gameplay is strong but the story is weak and the levelling up is boring because you have to do the same thing over and over again which is why some resort to chest farming or other means, then those are legitimate complaints.

forums are not meant to be a dictatorship.

CrowbaitBob1412d ago

Even Bungie themselves have addressed the issue of material farming and stated that they will make changes so that obtaining upgrade materials will be more hunting, less gathering.

This isn't simply a response to a vocal minority, it's a realization that there are areas that can be improved. Destiny has a lot of areas that need improvement. I suspect the game will be quite different, and much better, in a year or so.

Ozmoses1412d ago

Daily Missions, Public Events and Raids..

I know some changes are coming and I'm not exactly sure what the are but I heard about Shards and Energy becoming more common to find.

I also don't know if it was a glitch or something.. But the other night I hoped on the Cosmodrone for the first time in a few days (been just playing crucible) and I got an "Ascendant Shard" from a chest.

It's the first time I've ever got a Legendary Material from a chest that wasn't inside the VOG Raid.

Christopher1412d ago

Nah, you just won the lottery. I've had a few of those (I've opened thousands of chests). They did remove legendary engrams from chests with the cryptarch changes, though.

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DirtyMagician1412d ago

"Reaching level 30 requires a lot of time spent in the trenches of this chest farming."

You cannot reach level 30 by "chest farming". Level 30 can only be obtained by getting raid gear. The frequency of getting any gear out of chest is very low.

If he is using "chest farming" to get gear then there is something seriously wrong as it's far easier to get gear from strikes, raids and other missions.

WildArmed1412d ago

Hahaha. I think they just meant the material farming, which is needed to get your gear maxed out from the raid.

Also, I've done the raid about 10 times now. I've only got two raid gear (I actually got my 2nd raid gear last week!), they really need to stop giving me shards every time I run the raid... please bungie?

DirtyMagician1412d ago

Ah man! I have been pretty lucky, I have done it 4 times now and got 3 pieces (2 of those were the same pair of gloves though). But I understand the shards issue, there is nothing worse than getting material to upgrade your armour when you have no armour to upgrade.

AndyScooby1412d ago

Yea I agree farming is annoying but that's the same for alot of games of this type but I still play and live Destiny upto over 180hrs played and still play few hours a day end of day game will get more story and content the released version of the game is just the begining

JMyers1412d ago

Well you do need like 48 pieces of relic iron for one gun to be fully upgraded... how else can we get his?

Intentions1412d ago

When you have 200+ ascendant shards and materials saved up and no raid gear. :(

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