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With prior installments into the Call of Duty franchise becoming a bit stale does Advanced Warfare turn the game around? Vanessa of Gamer Assault Weekly takes on the role of Private Mitchell in her review of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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VRex71228d ago

This was a surprisingly good game, the EXO has been a nice addition to the game.

Tiqila1228d ago

I thought it was generic. Kevin Spacey couldn't save it.

Edgetroll1228d ago

I remember this getting a lot of flak when it was first announced, but it's good to see that overall it's been met with very positive results.

Radical_Crab1228d ago

As an estranged Call of Duty fan, Advanced Warfare felt really good and I was surprised by it. I'm a big fan of the fancy metal backpack and the mobility it affords. Hopefully it doesn't get left behind during the next CoD cycle.

danny8181228d ago

I bought this for $30 at bestbuy. Brandsmart has it for $30 so they price match :) happy gaming

TapperDD1228d ago

I tried that, but there's no Brandsmart out here, so they wouldn't do it. :(