New character is revealed in the latest Evolve video

The freshest Evolve video, which was published yesterday, introduces us to an absolutely new game's character - Cabot.

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mediate-this1410d ago

I see this game being like a lot of the current Gen games. Fun but with no legs, I was all about M.P, but now I see games need both a great S.P n M.P.

And why don't they reveal a new monster.

gamer91410d ago

I don't know why this game won best of show
Never thought the 4v1 would work
Confirmed it during the Alpha
Let me know when Left 4 Dead 3 is announced

MasterD9191410d ago

All I could think during the alpha was I can't wait for Left4Dead3.

I actually wanted to like the game...but the 4 VS 1 kills it. You either have someone really good as the monster or someone without a clue. I walked away with a clear idea that I had no reason to pursue Evolve further.

takohma1410d ago

This game could work if there are more options for a different monster. Like different class monsters with different abilities. Maybe like 6 distinct monsters. With powers that balance out against 4 people. Everytime I see some gameplay it looks like the monster never has a chance. Always running from the hunters. There should be times when the tables turn. It feels one sided. Maybe even have something when a friend is also a monster and helps you even things out.

kingkenny761410d ago

I always felt the same about this game; the hunters always seemed OP to me.