Final Fantasy XIII-2 Will Be Coming to PC November 12th, New Trailer Revealed

A new trailer posted by both Square Enix North America a Europe revealed that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be coming to PC via Steam December 12th.

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TurboGamer1223d ago

*December 11th. The date in the video is dd/mm/yy format.

ajames3471223d ago

Thanks for spotting that silly mistake. I fixed it! :D

blitz06231223d ago

Let me guess - this will also be locked to 720p

decrypt1223d ago

Is the game worth the purchase, serious question as a PC gamer never played FF13 is it worth a try?

pompombrum1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

I avoided it but all hate aside, despite being a sequel nobody asked for, many say it resolved many of people's issues with the original.

R6ex1223d ago

I enjoyed FF13-1 but hated the rubbish in FF13-2 & FF13-3.

goldwyncq1223d ago

It had a poor story but made up for it with its fun gameplay. Though I suggest starting with FFXIII first if you plan on playing this one.

Kumomeme1223d ago

i better if you finished ff13 first so you could understand the stories since it was direct sequel

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Mister_Audrey1223d ago

Final Fantasy is unplayable due to the incredibly stupid and corny character designs.

aquamala1223d ago

they are patching FF 13 to support 1080p, I'm sure they will to this one also

wtopez1223d ago

The sequel to the port that nobody asked for... gets a sequel port? I wish Sega would bring Persona to the PC.

tablecloth1223d ago

Just played Valkyria Chronicles on Steam and it's a pretty good port unlike Final Fantasy 13.

wtopez1223d ago

Yeah I read the Durante Port Report on PGM and it looks like a pretty amazing port. In fact I will buy it right now...