Dragon Age: Inquisition Review – BioWare’s RPG Epic Firmly in the Running for Game of the Year | COG

COG writes - Dragon Age won legions of fans when Origins was released back in 2009. A sweeping epic of an RPG it helped to further cement BioWare’s reputation as one of the best in the business for role playing titles. Despite a bit of a misstep with Dragon Age 2 the franchise is right back on track with Inquisition.

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Volkama1407d ago

Really can't wait to play this. Good thing no other games have released in the run up to Christmas :|

Digital_Anomaly1407d ago

you forgot to add /sarcasm. Apparently a few guys didn't get your joke!

Volkama1407d ago

I'm comfortable with it. The disagrees hurt them more than they hurt me :)

joab7771407d ago

I knew it. I knew my favorite studio would step up and get themselves back at the top.

Hats off. I got AC:Unity but obviously in 7 days, it's all Dragon Age.

And a word to Ubisoft. Great artwork, but wtf! Black Flag is crisper and clearer than Unity. Why does the PS4 need to be dumbed down. France in 1080 would have been glorious.

I fear we will see this in the Division too.

FullmetalRoyale1407d ago

Haha! When I woke up this morning I genuinely thought "only seven days of AC: Unity between me and Dragon Age."

Don't get me wrong, I like the AC series, and this one so far is a lot of fun, but I have been waiting for this(as a lot of other fans have as well) since I completed Origins for the first time. This is the Bioware in which I fell in love with.

Unity will be one hell of a time killer. No disrespect to the game.

Games4ever1407d ago

This game and Far Cry 4 will keep me busy rest of 2014.

Eldyraen1407d ago

Same except I have GTA on my gamefly list as well. It isn't a priority as I played it already but I couldn't skip it entirely. It probably won't be touched till Dec or January but I want it so I don't have to wait for people to be done with them (because I'm selfish with my GF subscription).

DA3 should monopolize most of my time though but FC4 should last a while too.

lemoncake1407d ago

I am so happy that this one has turned out good.

GuyPearce1407d ago

The games has been getting raving reviews. :D