Microsoft bundles Office 365, Xbox and Skype subscriptions for $199

Engadget reports: Microsoft has just released a limited edition Work & Play bundle, which contains one-year subscriptions each to Office 365 Home (comes with unlimited OneDrive storage), Xbox Live, Xbox Music Pass and Skype Unlimited World and WiFi for a total of $199.

We've listed down the price of each service for you, so you can figure out if the bundle's worth buying:

Office 365 Home: $9.99/month or $99.99/year
Xbox Live 12-month Gold Membership: $59.99/year
12-Month Xbox Music Pass: $99.90/year
Skype Unlimited World: €10.49

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NeoGamer2321377d ago

MS is really getting aggressive on pricing for the consumer side. I like it...

Kavorklestein1377d ago

Agreed! I think they are finally realizing they can't just overhype and over charge for each service and product like Apple does... for some reason apple can get away selling burning biscuits of utter crap to consumers and still get praised like Jesus would, but Microsoft is seeming to realize that it turns non-fans into outright HATERS.

I want to see this type of thing continue!
I wanna see the prices of their Surface tablets get a little more competitive, and we may see them taking some cookies away from Apple!

I also wish they would make (or partner with a tv manufacturer to make) a special tv/monitor line for their Windows interface devices for use with PC, Surface tablets, Windows phones, and the Xbox one that is preconfigured to offer the ULTIMATE 1080p+ display with no Input lag for gaming, and are preconfigured to use PERFECT color, gamma, sharpness, contrast settings for use with the xbox one and other windows devices. They could sell the displays with HEAVY discounts on OTHER devices, and pad the sales of ALL of their products by offering a good value when people buy 2 or more Windows/Microsoft products and services.

Microsoft, if you're out there listening thru tha interwebz, take my idea! All I want in return is some cool xbox one stuff, maybe a console, a game or two, or some Xbox or Microsoft swag/gear/novelties (:

Haha I wish lol

Iamnemesis48801377d ago

Office 365 is garbage i will take a hard copy over sub any day

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Stiffler1377d ago

The subscription caters to a specific consumer...It's not garbage by any means. It's great to have more than one option for office software imo