IMO - Why I don't like The Witcher 3's DLC Plan

The plan for The Witcher’s 3 DLC goes as follows: there will be 16 of them. They will be released in groups of 2 – with 2 on Day 1 and 2 more each week. We don’t know the majority of these (Leaks will probably continue over the next few weeks sprinkling out) but the first four (day 1 and week 1) DLC were announced. They seem to be in a pack of one cosmetic and one gameplay thing based on the pattern we see so far.

These sound fine, but let’s discuss the issues here and why I believe it is nothing more than a marketing tactic.

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DarkOcelet1222d ago

Seriously you are upset they are releasing a quest 2 months later to play for free while other companies makes you pay for it. You moan about paid dlc so instead you get free dlc and you still moan. These guys have shown nothing but respects for us gamers by not giving us BS DRM tactics like other companies and their games have sheer quality and content so we should support them more instead of criticizing them. I really hope they release Ps4/Xone bundle because i will be all over that. This and Bloodborne are a bless for RPG fans. And soon Dragon Age Inquistion . Cant wait :) .

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ArchangelMike1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Yeah, the author's logic is flawed. He claims that the free dlc harms the early adopter?!? Like WTH - it's FREE DLC that the early adopter will still get anyway!!!!! FREEEE!!!!

flawed logic is flawed

ATi_Elite1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Why I don't like The Witcher 3's DLC Plan!

Because you are a stupid moron. End of Story!

The Dlc is free and there will be lots of free Dlc to add a large value to your $60 purchase. CD Project Red are totally looking out for the gamers right now so how dare you write a stupid article about such a great Dev team.

Also Dlc is usually parts of the game that got cut out of the finish product and turned into Dlc. Therefore no extra Dev time was needed so this whole delay thing the editor said is totally stupid.

overrated441221d ago

This is the epitome of finding ANYTHING to cry about. Shit like this is why people don't take "gamers" seriously. "Day 1 DLC that I have to pay for is bullshit". "Oh, so you're just going to give me a bunch of free stuff after launch, bullshit". That's really really dumb.

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KiwiViper851221d ago

I myself, like to 100% games and then sell them on online auction sites. I usually lose less than $10 per new release game, and it funds my next game purchase.

However, a game like the witcher 3 isn't going to be finished in a week. And I wont miss out on DLC like I usually would.

So I think I'm the minority of people that could be upset with this practice and it doesn't phase me one bit.

urwifeminder1221d ago

Well that confirms that I will wait for a complete edition a year after release.

kingdomtriggers1221d ago

The ability to read. Gotta love it. Comes in handy sometimes huh? Too bad not everyone seems to possess it these days...

urwifeminder1221d ago

Ha ha yeah I know was going for an over reaction boycott style .

Snookies121221d ago

The complete edition? You mean, the one with all the free stuff you get with the regular edition? So, you're just buying the regular one, at a later date?

TheJacksonRGN1221d ago

I guess you missed the sarcasm. That is usually what some people say when they hear about DLC coming out for a game.

"I'll wait for the GOTY, Ulitmate, Complete Edition"

Snookies121221d ago

@TheJacksonRGN - If it was sarcasm, there was no indication of it in his/her post. Just seems like a case of someone not reading the whole article, or someone that doesn't know that the DLC is free.

Xavior_Reigns1221d ago

LOL did you miss the part where it's FREE?

TheJacksonRGN1221d ago

Wow, this is dumb and those in the comments on the site sound like people who must find a reason to complain about something.

This doesn't harm anyone regardless if you are an early adopter, if you got the game early and DLC comes out later on that you want, pick it up. Unlike most other cases, this is free.

Also saying the game isn't complete because they are planning DLC is dumb, you have no proof of that. For all we know they have a separate team working on the DLC and there are most likely still in the concept stage.

Everything that CD wanted in the Witcher 3 is most likely in it. You are getting extra stuff for free. You complain because the DLC is coming earlier than you would like, should they release the DLC half a year later when copies have been traded in, when others have lost interest? Granted others will have bought, but how many compared to those who trade in.

This is good because many of the early adopters will have the chance to play it while they still have a copy or still have interest in the game.

People like you are annoying. It is a shame this will attract a lot of people on this site and give yours hits, for something so dumb.

snookiegamer1221d ago

'Why I Don't Like This....Why I Don't Like That....Why Console A Will Fail....Why Console B Will Succeed'


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