Fight the Dragon - Better With a Partner

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

We are kicking off a new feature like our Retro Reflections or Memorable Music that we hope to expand on over time. Better With a Partner focuses on games that are fun to play, but more entertaining if you have someone to play them with. Fight the Dragon, which is currently in Early Access, is our first such title. This is a less formal style of review/preview.

Not everyone finds someone that is willing to spend time on their passion with them. For the most part, we do our own things, but every now and then there’ll be a game in which the words “Honey take a look at this”/“Sweetheart check that one out”/“Player 2! Accept that steam gift and get ready!”. Van Hellsing 2, Diablo 3, and now Fight the Dragon and Cube World are the next ones in line. Neocore Games’ Death Trap is getting picked up once it hits Steam.

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