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"I haven’t enjoyed a game as much as I am enjoying Tales of Hearts R in a long, long time. It has all of the classic elements of RPG gaming that the genre’s fans love, and an incredible battle system that stands high as a possible industry standard."

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KrisButtar1410d ago

I'm playing through Tales of Grace f ATM and its my 1st "Tales" game. Might pick this one up as I am a RPG fan

bouzebbal1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

how's Graces f? never had the chance to get it.
i might buy Hearts R for Vita. I'd love me some JRPG on the go.
gonna check freedom wars too

KrisButtar1410d ago

Its pretty good imo. I enjoy the battle system. The story is not anything to write home about but its not bad. I can't really compare it to other "tales" games as I haven't played them but the combat is more like Star Ocean than FF games.

Earning titles gives you new moves and increases your stats. The crafting system is unique and I like the ability to upgrade your weapons over and over. Playing on Chaos is a decent challenge as mobs can one shot kill you if you don't dodge. I haven't finished the game yet so this is only my thoughts so far.

I got Grace and Xillia when the PSN had a sale and once I'm through those 2 I may grab the Vita Tales version. I don't know what to think of Freedom Wars so I have held off on grabbing it. If you pick it up let me know how it is

Austin481410d ago

Don't forget xillia 2 lol

HawaiianDreads1410d ago


If your interested in the tales series I would play Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Xillia 2. Especially Tales of Xillia 2 since Ludger Kresnik is the most badass tales hero in the series (since he can use 3 weapons and pretty much go into a god form for a short period of time). You also get to play as Gaius and Muzet from the first game.

Here's a awesome combo video of Ludger -

Also Freedom Wars is a awesome game...well I enjoy it. If you enjoy the hunting gerne with a bit of "Attack of the Titan" element then you will enjoy the game. The co-op is also pretty good and the pvp is fun, overall I say the game is a 8/10, there are a few problems but it won't break the gameplay.

Revengeance1410d ago

Playing through it right now. Amazing game AND story!