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The Halo Master Chief Collection is a bundle designed for those that have always wanted to try the Halo games out just as much as it is a game for those who've been huge fans of the series all along the way.

Pennyworth Reviews brings you their brand of quick review to help you decide if you Master Chief is worth taking on a second date.

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TheWatercooler1376d ago

Nice review. I would say that an 8 is the right score for this.

Svinya1376d ago

I'd say that this website would be just a little bit better without you.

Stiffler1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

"Halo MCC 5/10
Salty about MS
Halo sucks
Little more bitter trolling
Blah blah xbox sux"

-TheSaltWatercooler 2014

On Topic: good review, not a bad score but not the best. Oh well, happy gaming

crazychris41241376d ago

Matchmaking is atrocious. So hard just to get into a game. Better fix this fast. Multiplayer is fun if you can get into a game.

GearSkiN1376d ago

Man hope they fix this stupid connection! Terrible.