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Mick Fraser: "That old BioWare magic is still in there, but it comes at a price now, and must be bartered for with a willingness to leave one foot in the past and live with some slightly odd design choices. You see, despite flashes of true quality and a general air of confident swagger, very little in Inquisition feels new or fresh."

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Aleithian1287d ago

This is the most objective review I'd read so far. And that it gets an 8/10 in this context makes me feel good.

diablo21571287d ago

Then i suggest you read it again, if you go to the bottom of the page rigth to the comments, you see every person there pointing out errors in this review.
Don't get me wrong i'm very pleased by the 8/10 score, but this review get's a lot of information about the game wrong.

Aleithian1287d ago

Oh? I didn't read the comments. Thanks for pointing that out.

I was lead to think it was objective by the way it handles the data. But if it's getting things wrong, then I guess we should all move on.

gamer78041287d ago

Is the combat like dragons age 2? I liked the feel of it actually pressing buttons to execute moves unlike in origins where it was like an auto attack.

Lon3wolf1287d ago

You can play either way, real time or in tactical mode (tactical mode is also on console for the first time too).

gamer78041287d ago

Well I know u have tactical mode but in origins the combat was auto attack, dragon age2 had actuall button presses. Just wondering how inquisition is

Ristul1287d ago

Can't wait to play this!