PS4 Messages Significantly Improved with Firmware Update 2.02

Push Square: "One of the quieter improvements implemented as part of PlayStation 4 firmware update v2.00 was to the Friends List, which previously would take eons to load. This social section of the next-gen console’s operating system now boots like lightning, showing all of your buddies with nary a sign of a spinning ring. The same is now true of the Messages utility, which appears to have been fixed as part of today’s v2.02 patch."

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Eonjay1410d ago

This is certainly good news.

freshslicepizza1410d ago

very good, sony has made great strides from the ps3 era

dantesparda1409d ago

Wow, I've read most of the comments on here. And I wonder why I don't have or have ever had any of the issues talked about below. It could have something to do with your router settings or maybe your ISP.

kparks1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Mine still lags to receive and sometimes fail to send although it did get better after the update still needs improving, i also rebuilt my database today hoping for a fix.. my ps3 still works fine so idk.

RumbleFish1409d ago

Messages are a lot better most of the time. Unfortunately the party chat has the same or even more problems. I often can't hear one or two persons in a party and get the message that it might be a problem with NAT, but NAT is type two for everyone in the party. Hopefully they'll fix this soon.

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RosweeSon1410d ago

Can't agree more bought mine on launch not really used it but it is getting used now (massive backlog) but yeah over xbox 360 and even PS3 it was sloooow, glad to hear it's been sped up a bit ;)


Actually, it was pretty fast back around the release and it remained so 'till some months ago... At least for me.

jc121410d ago

thank god! the messaging system has been atrocious for some time now. I always thought it would be an easy fix for them, never knew what took son long.

iiorestesii1410d ago

Every time I would get a massage notification, the screen would attempt to refresh but would on average take at least 5 minutes. Ps4 messages = pager. Hopefully this is fully ironed out.

Utalkin2me1410d ago

Mine worked perfectly fine for like the first 9 months. Then it became really slow for the last couple. And after applying todays update, it is still slow for me. Seems nothing has changed for me.

badz1491410d ago

I don't know about you guys but I prefer to send PSN messages using my PS App on my phone. back before I got my headset, I always do it this way. faster and I don't have to go to the XMB just for messages.

Conzul1409d ago

Messages don't really seem any better for me.
Especially since my friends have all started using voice messages all of a sudden....those don't work at ALL sometimes.

nosferatuzodd1409d ago

easy Xbox friends list still giving problems is bin what almost a year now i hear no on talking about that sometimes you of to wonder why these bias game journalist its like they're grabbing at straws

pheature1409d ago

i know son long, thats hideo koshimas son....

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jspsc1231410d ago

can you delete all messages at once or do you still have to do it one by one.

Merrill1410d ago

This report is completely false. My messages are still taking 30+ seconds to send. It sits at 97% sent for a long time.

Cryptcuzz1409d ago

Just a thought, but maybe the recipient would have to be on v2.02 as well?

I thought it was a mandatory update, but I barely updated mines last night, whereas the update has been out a few days now.

I will check this out myself later on today.

A-stil_Tv1409d ago

Exactly the same here too bro

Dark_Overlord1409d ago

Same here, but it's actually taking longer to send them now :/ sits at 97% for at least 10 seconds (worst case so far was about 30), receiving hasn't changed one bit :(

kparks1409d ago

Mine does the same exact thing and sometime fails to send and i can wait 5 min to read one i received.. really wish they would fully fix this cuz its a pain in the ass i did find that if u wait a minute after you got the message before you try to read it, it tends to work a little better.

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Cra2yey31409d ago

It was nice in the beginning, but like every update, it starts out nice, then goes back to normal... Day 2 and the messages are still broken.

Muzikguy1409d ago

I'll have to test it out, but I have no idea what it was like before lol. I know on PS3 it was slooooooooww

caseh1409d ago

For anyone who cares, it looks like this has also improved the speed of messaging via the phone app as well which is how I tend to read/reply to messages.

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Neonridr1410d ago

good god the messaging was extremely slow. I couldn't believe how long it was taking to send a message to my friends. Glad to hear this has been improved.

wsoutlaw871410d ago

Ya, it was sad that joining a party with someone and just telling them was 10x quicker than trying to send a quick message

Travis37081410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Thank you U.U I'm about to cry!! I wanted that fixed so badly!

Mornzie1410d ago

Slightly over the top but yes.

Thank god they're sorting these problems out.

Travis37081410d ago

Yea.... I did go overboard with it... but man it was so annoying trying to text my friends.

Palitera1410d ago

Me too.
It was annoying to see one of the most extreme faces of fanboyism and bias in the entire "gaming journalism" when this and other issues were almost completely overlooked.

Maxor1409d ago

Good thing it only took them a year to fix this on this on a console this is focused on "social gaming".