Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Patches Coming to "All Platforms"

The development team behind Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has rolled out a patch for the PC version following numerous complaints of lag affecting online multiplayer.

A spokesperson for Sledgehammer Games has said the PC update will be followed by a patch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. An additional patch is also being worked on for the next-gen consoles, which is expected to go live before the end of the week.

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Utalkin2me1413d ago

Just give us dedicated servers and i will be fine.

jukins1413d ago

Play on pc if you want real dedicated servers

Darkwatchman1413d ago

No version of this game is running smoothly online so get your elitist ass out of here

Cream1413d ago

Dedicated Servers PLEASE.
Don't buy the up and coming map packs until they shell out for the servers.

jukins1413d ago

Lol at all the disagrees. For one I rarely game on pc excwpt mmos. I'm primarily a Playstation guy. But for me to say play on pc if you want dedicated server,which is a100% true, I get hammered. Lol sad fanboys need to get a life then truth hurts. I don't know why ppl keep complaining about the lack of dedicated servers it's been like that for every cod why expect a change now?

Svinya1413d ago

It uses a combination of dedicated and p2p, depending on your distance to the servers.

MetroidFREAK211413d ago

Fix the damn BAL and buff SMG's... Already over used and op

Smitty20201413d ago

If the lag is fixed I'll be happy

Killa781413d ago

The sniper rifles are ridiculous

Smitty20201413d ago

I was playing today I was using the bal rifle and I empted 2 mags on the enemy no kill then he/her turned around and popped me with 1 bullet lol

Svinya1413d ago

That's why people play hardcore?

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