Riftmax Cancels Kickstarter Campaign Despite Success

VRFocus - It's not uncommon for those running Kickstarter campaigns to cancel their crowd-funding effort should it be on the path to failure. A recent example of this is Flagship, the upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible real-time strategy (RTS) that cancelled its campaign just days before it was set to end, with a huge amount of money still left to raise. This week Internow Games has cancelled its own Kickstarter for its free social VR platform, Riftmax Theater. The difference? The developer had already passed its campaign goal.

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Muzikguy1413d ago

I like the idea of these campaigns. Maybe some are just started without too much thought put in. It sucks when some great sounding ones get canned

Muzikguy1413d ago

Maybe. I thought they'd have to give it back but idk

Lon3wolf1413d ago

They dont get any money, money is only paid when the KS finishes it's full term. If it's cancelled either by the starter or KS you get refunded.