BioWare on Mass Effect’s co-op inspiration for Dragon Age: Inquisition

BioWare didn’t have to start from a clean slate to create the new multiplayer mode for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Cameron Lee, the producer of the upcoming title, revealed that the developer was fortunate enough to have the successful co-op model from Mass Effect 3 to use as inspiration and a template for how to build a similar mode for the popular fantasy series.

The Dragon Age: Inquisition team didn’t just take cues from Mass Effect’s multiplayer segments, however. Lee confirmed that some of the people who helped design Inquisition’s co-op features were team members who originally created the multiplayer mode within Mass Effect 3. These people were able to use that earlier experience to help shape Dragon Age: Inquisition’s co-op.

Seeing the work on the Dragon Age and Mass Effect team members as they worked side by side was a big advantage according to Lee. He said, “It was a real interesting amalgamation of two franchises coming together.”

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