Dragon Age: Inquisition Review | MMORPG

No other company crafts a better story than Bioware. They have exceeded themselves in DAI and have even made side questing interesting and worth doing. Each book, each relic, each sign on the wall contains a nugget in the overall story of Thedas and are so lovingly written that players will want to go find these treasures.

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donwel1346d ago

I can think of quite a few companies that craft better stories than bioware, and after the farce that was dragon age 2 and mass effect 3 they'd be lucky if anyone trusts them to deliver again.

Fullbucket1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

As much as I didn't like ME's ending, the game as a whole was pretty darn good. I can't comment on DA2. In saying that, I really am looking forward to this here game.

martinezjesus19931346d ago

Mass Effect 3 was one of my favorite games of last gen and it makes me cringe when people say its a bad game because of the ending. It is a AMAZING game 99 percent of the time, up too the last 20 minutes, and its not fair to judge it so harshly. I will be picking up this game because I loved Mass Effect so much and I'm craving an RPG for my ps4/xboxone. (Havent decided where to get it yet.)

noctis_lumia1346d ago

stop it already
the game gets massive praise worldwide,reviewers love the game so far

forget that piece of trash DA2,get over it its 2014 time to let go already