PS4 firmware update 2.02 has fixed major Dragon Age: Inquisition issues

Dragon Age: Inquisition has an issue on PlayStation 4 that causes the system to lock-up and, in some cases, corrupt the save file.

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markyboy21811372d ago

how when game aint even out 4 another week!!!!

Bennibop1372d ago

Agreed its not a problem that has/will effect the general public!

Griever1372d ago

Man, we customers will never figure out what is going in this modern age of updates and patches. I wonder what would happen if someone took the internet away from them. Will the gaming industry collapse or will they start working harder on their softwares?

Baka-akaB1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Well people forget the numerous unfixed/unfixable problems in games before the patch era . Sure some devs abuse the system , but you're looking at it through rose tinted nostalgia googles , if you believe those lazy folks would be any less complacent without the net and patching . nintendo and old blizzard are one thing , but none were like them when it concerns QC and bug hunting

Plenty games were "simple" 2d scrolling shooters and beat them all , yet are compared to complex sandboxes sometimes too .

uth111371d ago

Aren't you glad they caught it and created a patch BEFORE the game releases and angers everybody?

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