Dragon Age: Inquisition Review - PSU

"I will be the first to admit that western-developed role-playing games have never been my forte. Perhaps it's because I got tired of the fantasy-medieval settings that western developers seem to prefer. That all changed when I played Dragon Age: Origins--it instantly hooked me on its world with a compelling story and tactical combat. Naturally when Dragon Age II came out, I was ecstatic."

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pelida1410d ago

Reviewers are loving this game

Deividas1410d ago

And that definitely has me pretty damn excited. Cannot wait to get my hands on this game!!!

Aleithian1410d ago

Yup. I'm thinking I'm going to love it in a few days.

Daredavil1410d ago

9.5 don't you think its to high

Paprika1410d ago

Its this guys word, opinion etc. If you play it, and feel its a 7/10 then that's all that matters.

Can't see it failing to achieve 8/10 if it all comes together as I hope.

LightofDarkness1410d ago

Only if his words don't match the score. If he spent a large section of the review listing the game's flaws and detailed how they served to degrade his experience, then yes. If he only mentions flaws in passing and alludes to them being minor inconveniences which do not really affect the user's enjoyment, then no.

Read the review first, then ask that question.

Paprika1410d ago

Plenty of good review scores coming through. If these reviewers gave it 1/10 I'd still be hyped though.

noctis_lumia1410d ago

now BIO-EA haters can shut it once and for all
dragon age 3 gets awesome reviews and for good reasons

pre ordered ps4 already,9 more days

victorMaje1410d ago

Awesome scores coming in, pre-load already!