Can Halo 5 recapture the flag?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Halo 5 multiplayer has been officially revealed and it looks pretty damned good. But will fans be happy with all the changes the game is making to the Halo formula?"

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SonZeRo1262d ago

mm Halo, the game i havent played at all since i don't own an xbox

HanCilliers1262d ago

You've missed out, some of the best co-op experiences I've had was with a Halo game

OUROSMAG1261d ago

Not in the MCC, can't connect for anything.

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Sillicur1261d ago

You should really try it out!

BobBelcher1261d ago

Setting aside the new abilities, 343i has actually taken Halo 5 back to its arena shooter roots by getting rid of the ordinance drops and loadouts and have placed all the power weapons in the map like Halo 2. We're looking at the classic Halo style arena MP again and that can only be good for true Halo fans.

iNFAMOUZ11261d ago

you dont know what true classic halo gaming is about then, no true halo fan would agree with you

GearSkiN1261d ago

I'm a fan the game has to evolve.

mhunterjr1261d ago

Speak for yourself. Huge halo fan, but despised halo4 mp.

343 has clearly gotten back to Halo's roots with the arena focus (fair starts, no drops/kill streaks, map control), then they branched out a bit in terms of mobility. The most important thing is that the areas they branched in still appear to be balanced.

I would have been happy if they just used halo2s formula with current gen graphics. But I'm glad they seem to have found a new formula that looks just as fun, and is still halo at it core.

CorndogBurglar1261d ago

Actually, "true Halo fans" would agree with him.

The biggest complaints about Halo ŕ were the layouts and ordnance drops. It made it too much like CoD and not enough like Halo.

I'm not sure what circles of people you are playing with, but the general consensus was that Halo 4 had bad multiplayer that was geared toward the casual crowd and not enough to the competitive crowd.

SuperLupe1261d ago

I'm a single player gamer and hardly play any MP games whatsoever. And had both Xbox and PS since the PS2 days.

That said Halo 3 MP was so amazing that Halo is pretty much the only MP game I care about and that I'm looking forward to.
If they can re-inject what made Halo 3 so memorable I guess I'll be in for the best FPS experience ever again once again.

HanCilliers1261d ago

Halo introduced me to multiplayer as well :)

MasterCornholio1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Halo 3 was the first multiplayer game that I've played on consoles. Good times back then.


Sillicur1261d ago

Halo is the only reason i wish i owned a console!

pompombrum1261d ago

Gameplay wise I can see it working well it's just the maps I'm worried about now. That remake of midship looks huge in comparison to the original, I really hope that's not how big all the maps will be. A big part of halo's arena style roots is the size of the maps and just how well they flow from the action.

deepio1261d ago

It has to be bigger cos you can move around the map quicker. Old one wouldn't work in the Halo 5 sandbox.

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