Assassin's Creed: Unity - GeometryWorks DirectX 11 Advanced Tessellation Coming Via Upcoming Patch

Assassin’s Creed: Unity has just been released and NVIDIA revealed that a new update will add GeometryWorks DirectX 11 Advanced Tessellation to its PC version.

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bixxel1372d ago

U mean it didn't have tesselation already? Then why the DX 11 must-required?

1372d ago
starchild1372d ago

Because DirectX 11 isn't just for tessellation.

Anyway, I was wondering why I couldn't find a setting for tessellation in the game and thought maybe it was turned on by default, but I couldn't find any clear examples of where it was being used. Now I know why.

abstractel1372d ago

It was supposed to ship with it I thought? It looked really good on the rooftop tiles in the Nvidia showcase video. Was actually looking forward to it, the graphics nerd that I am. Properly implemented it can look awesome.

And yes, it can be used for other things than displacement, like subdivisions, but IMO it's best used for displacement.

Anonagrog1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

In the context of graphics tessellating a surface is subdividing it. Displacement mapping would then be implemented on top of this to manipulate the positional attributes of this new, higher poly surface.

Twignberries1372d ago

Hopefully this isn't nvidia exclusive..

Twignberries1372d ago

I'm confused.. Are people disagreeing because they want it to be nvidia exclusive? Or disagreeing that it will be?