Assassin's Creed: Unity performance reportedly choppy and glitchy on all platforms

Dealspwn: "In terms of technical execution, the game is an utter shambles on PS4 -- I can't speak first-hand regarding other versions. Glitches abound, responsiveness is laughable, the context-sensitive detection areas around interactive objects like key mission items and reward chests are patchy and inconsistent."

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xYLeinen1198d ago

Sad to hear this.

Hopefully this is fixable through patches, and not a problem created by the insane amount of crowds in the game..

FuzzyPixels1198d ago

Bizarrely, the slowdown that's been affecting me the most has been during free-running animations and climbing. The crowd stuff has actually been okay for the most part, but combat and climbing have suffered greatly.

xYLeinen1198d ago

In one way I'm glad to hear this and hopefully stability updates etc. can give this a quick fix.

I'll be spending insane amounts in the game since I hunt trophies and normally go for 100 % completion.

1198d ago
HaveSumNuts1198d ago

Classic Ubisoft cant believe people still defend them. They falsely advertise, downgrade graphics and produce horrible ports. People be on here like "can't wait for the patch" like it's something to be hyped about. Gamers have gotten too easy, bending over and glady accepting this crap.

vishmarx1198d ago

no way, i thought i was hating on ubisoft for no reason,or so i was told.
theres a lesson to be learnt here , people

Army_of_Darkness1198d ago

I swear, the bigger a 3rd party publishing company becomes, the more rushed and glitched infested their games become...
Developer's Being able to improve games with patches these days are really beginning to concern me now cause I see less effort in sending out a fully functional game with minimal issues these days...

Saigon1198d ago

Wow...this was unexpected because all of the high praise that has gone out about this game; I was even thinking of planning to purchase it because of the many good reviews. Well, it looks like I am glad I stuck to my guns and didn't support Ubi. I hope they do get this fixed but for now I can feed my ego saying 'I told you it wasn't worth it'.

Unspoken1198d ago

Game has been running fine on my PC. It requires a ton of horse power to get moving on ultra with AA though. My rig is currently getting 40-50 fps @ 1440p. The graphics are amazing and I haven't run into any glitches. Have only been playing for 2 hours so maybe its something further into the game?

Patches have always been the norm but I guess entitlement is the new norm. This whole accepting this as a new standard or thinking this is a new trend is utter nonsense. To get running on the multitude of hardware in existence takes time and patience. Even if it was on a single platform bugs would still exist. Anyone who purchases day one in technology is in for a world of frustration if their expectations are that of a spoiled child.

If you are on here complaining than this sentiment will ring truly: It will never be perfect for you!

Moving on, this game will likely run better on nVidia hardware and will require a driver update for AMD owners. I thank Ubisoft for pushing the graphics envelope and not be tied down to consoles. It is a feat in development to get this engine running on such low end hardware. CPU utilization is incredibly high to the point I'm considering an upgrade now.

Thank You Ubisoft. I'm glad to see you pushing past the stunning game that is Watch Dogs, and can't wait to play Far Cry 4.

Marked1198d ago

My opinion...its due to these greed motivated companies recycling the same engine from a 30fps 512mbit area. They try to upgade the engine instead of rewriting. Sadly this is an issue the PC games have had for years. Some annimation are not sync because of the original 30fps limitation now running at 45-60.

Just my opinion from someone who plays both console and PC.

u got owned1198d ago

Game is a mess. FPS bellow 30 on all platforms.

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chaldo1198d ago

The game runs absolutely fine on my PC on high settings, and I don't have a super PC. Maybe I am just lucky.

starchild1198d ago

Nope, there are lots of people on neogaf reporting the same thing. It runs well for me too.

chaldo1198d ago


There are just so many PC configurations and different settings on windows 7/8 that could affect ANYTHING.

Black Flag, battlefield 4, far cry 3 - All ran terrific on my system.

It's just very unfortunate that users are having problems.

madmonkey011198d ago

it runs fine on my pc, but black flag and farcry 3 didnt run well at all. lots of variables like you said.

Volkama1198d ago

Well according to the devs the game is CPU bound on the consoles. Pretty much any PC that meets the graphics requirement on this game is also going to have a much better CPU than the consoles.

chaldo1198d ago

I do also want to mention that a lot of people pirated this game on PC, so maybe they didn't get the 2 patches that were released? Not sure..

Rainbowcookie1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Seems to Ubisoft's way nowadays ... sad really

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llxKonanxll1198d ago

Didn't Ubi state the game is running at full potential on all platforms?

jmc88881198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Which was a load of bull considering that both consoles and PC graphics cards have GPGPU that can offload stuff from the CPU.

In other words, if the CPU is causing an issue, which it is, and you aren't using the GPGPU available in ALL MODERN EQUIPMENT, it means you have in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM utilized the consoles (or PC's) to the max.

Ubisoft left a ton of performance on the table, yet WISH for people to believe they used all the power available.

Hey about learning to code for GPGPU? How about writing a game engine that can utilize such available power?

If they had used GPGPU, Ubisoft games wouldn't be a mess, just like all their other ones have been the last few years.

The sad thing is, they surely know it, yet KEEP PUSHING for more and more things that drag on the CPU.

They probably could of had this game at 60 FPS on consoles EASY, had they used the GPGPU.

My copy of AC:U on PC (GTX 970 and i7 [email protected]) I haven't been able to test much yet.

All I know is it starts the game at 640x480 and won't let me change settings until a few minutes in...where it then crashed as I was trying to change it a few times after the first few changes, didn't change the resolution.

Oh ubisoft.

GordonKnight1198d ago

I've never had this problem on my Wii U. Oh wait a minute AC3 was choppy & glitchy on the Wii U. I'm glad I only paid $10 for it.

Hopefully Far Cry 4 won't have the same problem on my PS4.

Metallox1198d ago

You need to play Black Flag on Wii U to know what is choppy frame rate, like, seriously, I can't never run in the game smoothly.

GordonKnight1198d ago

Black Flag was the first PS4 game that I purchased. I wasn't going to let ubi get me again with their half done ports to the Wii U. Then they burn me again with Watch Dogs with horrible gameplay. I'll probably wait until ACU has a price point of $20, but I can't wait for Far Cry 4. That's why I hope that are no problems with it.

joab7771198d ago

Considering it doesn't even look as good as Black Flag on PS4, I am curious.

Is it all the ppl in the crowd? I can deal with the haziness of 900p for the added ppl I guess, but framerate is another issue.

Muzikguy1198d ago

I'm not sad to hear this. I'm also not going to just say I hope a patch fixes it. I'm tired of hoping a patch fixes a broken game. How about releasing a game that works?! Ubisoft are becoming worse than some other companies in my eyes

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Bennibop1198d ago

Think I may cancel my pre-order (in UK.) Anyone in the US that's playing this at the moment got any advise?

Black Flag had some frame rate issues at launch but by the sounds of it not this bad!

FuzzyPixels1198d ago

Which platform are you buying it on?

Bennibop1198d ago

Have PS4 pre-ordered, but have an xbox also. Sounds like they are both struggling with same problems :(

die_fiend1198d ago

I've got some advice. Spell advice as 'advice' not 'advise'.

Yeah, I'm a jackass

Bennibop1198d ago

You are a jackass, but thanks for pointing that out.

aLucidMind1198d ago

He lives in the UK, and that is the proper spelling in their dialect. It would be for the best that you actually know what you're talking about before speaking, lest you sound like a complete idiot.

WeAreLegion1198d ago

Are you absolutely sure that is the proper spelling in the UK?

16bitNutritionist1198d ago

"Advice" is to gain or give advice and "Advise" is to advise someone about somthing...exactly same in the do I know? I'm English, true story.

Bennibop1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

He was right! But thanks for defending me though!

Still don't know what to do however!!

Fez1198d ago

Definitely not the correct spelling in any English speaking country... they're two different words!

The93Sting1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Congratulations, jackass. You won an Oscar.

Clown_Syndr0me1197d ago

@aLucidMind Haha, maybe you should take your own advice as currently you look like an idiot as "advice" and "advise" are two different words.
I'm from the UK.

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Rainbowcookie1198d ago

He/She asked advice on his/her preorder not an English lesson. Plus not everyone speaks English as their first language.

mydyingparadiselost1198d ago

It's not like the game is going to disappear, if your even thinking about canceling then you should. Worst case scenario is that you get the game later, for cheaper, and it actually functions properly. You lose nothing by waiting.

jacksons981198d ago

I'm personally waiting on this one, but I agree with others a good chance that a patch later will resolve a lot of the issues. But rather be safe than sorry

Raider691198d ago

Cancel it!Dont support this,start talking with your wallet dont support games that are released to consumers not finnished just because the publisher Ubisoft wants to get your money without proper work to make the shareholder happy.

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kiz26941198d ago

for people having issues on PC this guide may help a little.

starchild1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

I'm running it at a capped solid 30fps with better graphics than the console versions, which is all I was hoping for. It's actually better optimized than AC4 Black Flag.

windblowsagain1198d ago

No it isn't, lol.

Day 1 Black flag had no problems for me. Was so smooth already. Did not matter what area.

But this game has alot higher quality graphics going on, it's a shame they overdid it with the NPC'S and hence lowering the res.

I bet the problem is not with GPU, but fully CPU threads.

AdmiralSnake1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Playing it now, It's a great game. It's a bit Glitchy in some areas, but overall...GREAT GAME, looks gorgeous.....

I believe it can be patched....His beard was pixelated and very glitchy beginning of the game....

So far on the PS4 version, I've only had one bad framerate hiccup....

PainUzumaki1198d ago

I was gonna pick this up today but I think Im going to wait now until its patched