Dragon Age Inquisition is the Most Addictive Game EVER made – VGS Review

After spending the better part of two weeks trapped in the world of Thedas, I’ve determined one undeniable truth, Dragon Age: Inquisition is the most addictive game ever made.

It melds the complex narrative expression common with Bioware’s other games, while channeling a gamer’s never-ending desire to see and do everything around them.

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beastModeOn1343d ago

This could be GOTY!

Aery1343d ago

I can't wait to play this game. Both SP and MP !

Aery1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )


CaEsAr-1343d ago

Too many good games :(

lameguy1343d ago

I never played the first 2, should I get this one? Going back and playing the others would be tough as they are both 30+ hour games etc.

Saints941343d ago

If you want to do it for fun? Then sure. There's a import system But you have to go to the DA Keep to put in those choices yourself, I recommend it though.

xYLeinen1343d ago

This is a problem..

Okey, I bough Unity and Ill start with that one and hope I get my AC fulfillment before this get released..

They are litterateur too many desired games to purchase and play during a short period. Far Cry 4 will be released on top of all this too..

Tbh, I wouldn't mind if one of these game suddenly gets delayed to December :)

starchild1343d ago

I know how you feel. November is going to empty my wallet. I already bought AC Unity and I plan to get Dragon Age Inquisition and Far Cry 4 at least, maybe a couple of others.

TimeSkipLuffy1343d ago

Why should they be delayed? You can still play those games at a later point? And buy them even cheaper because there will be new games once you reach the point to actually playing that game?

xYLeinen1343d ago

I'm more of the guy who needs the game on release. If I multiplayer game I want to play MP on the first day. I like to follow the game from day one, experience patch changes etc etc.

I'll give a better example. For ME it feels the same as you would just start playing a new expansion of World of Warcraft about 2-3 weeks after the expansion launched. The feeling of have "missed" things and "fall behind":

Palitera1343d ago

^ and also witness and participate on the community build up from the release at least...

I know this feeling...

ginsunuva1343d ago

Or, you can just wait and buy one of the games in December!

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but you can actually buy games AFTER day 1.

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