Dragon Age Inquisition: Radeon beats Geforce

The Radeon R9 290X is able to beat the Geforce GTX 980 in Dragon Age Inquisition according to benchmarks published by PC Games Hardware.

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anticlimax1258d ago

I wonder if that'll mean my 2500k and 6950 will be able to render this acceptably, considering the impact of Mantle.

It'd be nice if it could manage some beauty before I have to upgrade entirely.

WeAreLegion1257d ago

I apologize for the humor. It won't happen again.

You people are the worst.

Testfire1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

For anyone in the know, I'm building a gaming PC and could use some help. Its a budget build so keep that in mind. For a graphic card I'm looking at the Sapphire R9 270x. What kind of performance can that card do for this game? Here are my other specs:

Corsair 600w PSU
ASUS M5A97 R2 AM3+ mobo
AMD fx 6300 black
8GB G Skill Ripjaws 1600MHz RAM

I'm hoping with overclocking and mantle I'll be able to play this game at a stable fps. Thanks.

Volkama1257d ago

You'll be able to play this game at 1080p with a decent framerate. Can't give you numbers, but benchmarks should appear all over the place in the near future.

Testfire1257d ago

Good enough for me, thanks!

reaper241257d ago

I own the R9 270X with 4GB VRAM. It's a nice card and Mantle supported games like Battlefield run at 1080p with ultra details, good framerate. But if I were you I would maybe look at the 280X, because its pretty cheap now and stronger.

DougLord1257d ago

Does AMD or Nvidia have the highest framerate when playing Ultima 3 at 4k?

Also what resolution does Final Fantasy 4 play at on the PS4? It better not be the same as the Xone or I am boycotting!

Tapani1257d ago

Ultima 3! Oh what a game! :D

FromTheAshes1257d ago

Using an A4 4000 with a R7 260X. I am reluctant to upgrade because if Mantle or DX12 gives an even bigger boost to the 1080p gaming I enjoy then I see no reason to get parts until at least 2016 when AMD and Intel will have their new CPU offerings.

Tzuno1257d ago

Amd sucks even if it wins in this scenario the Power consumption of their cards are obscene compared to Nvidia. 290W for Amd compared to 165 from Nvidia so it nearly consumes double power but it doesn't deliver double performance so what we are discussing here? lame comparison go fry eggs on amd card.

anticlimax1257d ago

Not all gamers care about the power consumption of their gigs. Tempterature I understand, but even that is really only interesting for overclockers.

In the high end the 290 might take it on points here, but elsewhere, the 970 is simply more value for money.

Still, it is exciting to see Mantle improving performance (even if I can't enjoy it)

1257d ago
ColManischewitz1257d ago

AMD may beat Nvidia, but I've never had an AMD card that worked well or didn't crap out. My Nvidia cards, though, have never given me a problem.