Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Review - Mouse n Joypad

Tickles writes -"Unfortunately that’s where my enthusiasm faded. The in-game graphics look dated, something I didn’t expect on the newest generation of consoles. The stadiums looks incredibly blocky and the less said about the crowds the better, even the players lack any real personality and textures. I realise that the majority of Football fans won’t have close ups of the players outside of the instant replays but I couldn’t help but think that PES couldn’t decide if it wanted have the “ultra-realistic” aesthetic like FIFA or the more arcadey football games. "

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smolinsk1414d ago

What are you kidding me with this guy here?
It's like he is sitting in front of a consol for the first time. And then saying that the gameplay is the worst part and it's unresponsive? What... It is the absolute best part of the game, 100 times more responsive then fifa or all the latest 5 versions of pes, how can they let this guy do a review on something he has no clue on what is.

MousenJoypad1414d ago

Giving games to fanboys to review is pointless, and one sided. To get unbiased reviews it takes someone who is not a fanboy, someone that is fresh to the experience.

philm871414d ago

I felt the passing on the Pro Evo demo felt a bit slow to respond, hope they've improved it for the full game. Love fifa ultimate team but it's a pain to get decent players so will be intrigued to see how good the My Club mode is.

smolinsk1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

This has nothing to do with fanboys or what's best fifa or pes, it is the fact that he is saying that pes 2015 is unresponsive, pes 2014 was unresponsive in every way, but this game is the most responsive game since pes 5 on ps2, pes has always been miles ahead of fifa in that when talking about responsiveness, and that is not up for debate in any way. That's why this reviewer is a Clown and no nothing about sports games, that's what's wrong.

Tickles1414d ago

As the writer of the article I do state that I'm not a big football fan. Regardless of how bad the controls of previous games have been, the controls in PES 2015 are unresponsive and caused me a great deal of frustration, so it is only fair to put that in the review. It's important to note that I don't say if PES is worse than FIFA as the review is based solely on the game as it stands. It's not a bad game but at the same time it does have its flaws. After all a review is merely someone's opinion and if you think that the review doesn't reflect the finished game then I encourage you to buy it and draw your own conclusion.

philm871414d ago

I think it's a good unbiased review, one of few out there for football games! Always going to be people disagreeing with it because people have different priorities and things they want out of the game, also people can spend hours on football games and get more enjoyment out of them only once they get to a higher level.
I see loads of comments from people saying it's impossible to defend on Fifa and you concede goals straight from kick off. Sure it's difficult to defend to begin with but that's because they've made defending a real skill. I've only conceded 2 goals in my last 5 games in Div 2 on fifa online and they were only in injury time at the end of the game. Just get everyone going all out attack then wondering why they concede goals.

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