Halo: Nightfall - Series Premiere Review - IGN

Halo: Nightfall is easily the most ambitious live-action Halo project to date. Unfortunately, that doesn't automatically make it the best. The awkward special effects are one thing, but the series faces a bigger battle in terms of its bland characters. Hopefully later episodes will do a better job of fleshing out Locke and his team, because there's a lot of potential in this story and its expansion of the Halo mythology.

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SniperControl1373d ago

How much did this series cost to make?
I would rather they spent the money on creating new first party games TBH.

Dudebro901373d ago

I really don't trust Jesse from ign on anything. He's usually very wrong when it comes to general consensus. I'd bet anything its better than he's saying.

kneon1373d ago

I've yet to see a positive review anywhere, and plenty are more harsh than this one.

Samsara821373d ago

Saw it last night...not amazing but not bad either...6.3 was a little harsh....for me simply the cg covy didnt look too great... I am still curious to see where the story goes from here