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When BioWare releases a game, it’s a spectacle of its own. This is a company well known for their incredible storytelling and affable cast, creating a world ripe with adventure. While the last game in the beloved series left many fans distraught over its quick one and a half year turn around, containing unpolished and overused visuals, they are making amends by taking their time to develop a title worth praising.

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ValKilmer1108d ago

Wow, is this the best RPG of the year?

xYLeinen1108d ago

People are getting their hopes up for sure. Good thing the Witcher 3 comes next year..

Roccetarius1108d ago

It would've been more interesting to see the showdown between the two, but W3 will just take the crown next year.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1108d ago

It's great to see games finally doing great. This gen had a rough start.

beastModeOn1108d ago

Bioware <3

Can't wait. :D

starchild1108d ago

Sounds awesome. I always had faith in this game and planned to buy it.