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CheatCC says - "However, when Unity was announced I felt… well I’m not sure what I felt. It wasn’t excitement, but it wasn’t disappointment either. It was more along the lines of “meh”. In all honesty, I was completely afraid I was now done with the series. Again they just had a game, to me, that was damn near perfect. It had freakin’ PIRATES, in case you didn’t know. So what would Unity need to do in order for me to feel as if I needed this new entry into the mega franchise? Simple really. It would have to retain the level of fun, multitude of things to do, and offer up a story I would find myself compelled to progress through. Could Ubisoft continue to deliver on those aspects they exhaustively advanced on with each installment? The answer might surprise you."

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vishmarx1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

what and they gave dragon age a 3.0 for graphics?

JimmyDM901412d ago

Not really all that surprising when you consider that dragon age is cross-gen and ACU is not. The graphics on Dragon Age will invariably be held back by the constraints of also having to fit it on last gen.

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KTF261412d ago

I know a lot of people hate Ubisoft and Assassin's Creed
you may be one of them
I won't blame you

but it's true
ACU has better graphics

starchild1412d ago

Yep, no doubt about it. Dragon Age Inquisition looks really good, but you can see areas that were held back somewhat by last gen consoles. Unity looks amazing so far.

Stapleface1412d ago

But how is the gameplay? Please tell me the combat wasn't copy and pasted. Sure the combat was fun, for the first 3 games I guess. But I really hope they added on to it because it got boring very quickly in 4 to the point where I never finished the game. First AC I didn't finish. Really hoping Unity added enough to make it fresh again as I really like the AC series.

chaldo1412d ago


Combat system has changed and is a bit more difficult.

Detection system is harder. Harder to escape. Smarter AI. They track your last locations and ask the crowd if they've seen you.

Climbing has been re-invented thank god.

Beautiful game and start so far. Really loving Arno!

joab7771412d ago

Yeah, but wtf did they do on PS4 since Black Flag. Black Flag is so much crisper and clearer than Unity.

joab7771412d ago

Dragon Age is all about the depth of an rpg, and the world created.

I just don't understand why Black Flag looked so crisp and Unity doeant. I know they did it on purpose, but what the hell. The artwork and France is gorgeous.

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xYLeinen1412d ago

Guy's. The graphic debate is dead..

It's about the overall presentation, the atmosphere..

joab7771412d ago

That is why I wish the PS4 was 1080. Black Flag was gorgeous and the art work in Unity is amazing...but hazy.

Predaking771412d ago

I have been reading that the X1 version is horrible with many frame rate problems:

"Areas lagged significantly on #XboxOne was completely smooth on the #PS4"

die_fiend1412d ago

Where you read that? It's quite interesting as I saw some Xbone gameplay and didn't really like the framerate issues I was seeing and was hoping that 50% more power would do away with these horrific issues.

SynestheticRoar1412d ago

Looks like shit in a blender.