Clash of Gangs [MWEB GameZone Review]

MWEB GameZone writes: "If you do not mind dropping some real life money on a mobile game, then Clash of Gangs will be an exceptional experience. Unfortunately, for those who do not plan on spending any money on the game, be warned, Clash of Gangs is P2W. "

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Sillicur1411d ago

yeh, it pains me cause the game is so much fun

SonZeRo1411d ago

Sadly alot of these mobile games/casual games end up being pay to win models, and surprisingly half the time people actually fall for it.

Sillicur1411d ago

Yeh the amount of people that looks like they have dropped cash on it sits at the top 20k players, that is already a ton of cash

SonZeRo1410d ago

i play 2 browser based games that are pay 2 win but i haven't spent a cent on them and they are still enjoyable if abit gimped by alot of things going alot slower than usual or being roflstomped by people who clearly spent lots of R's.

Sillicur1411d ago

If only it wasnt so pay2win! :(

lord zaid1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I saw pay to win. I ran.