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CheatCC says - "The truth about the Dragon Age franchise is that it has struggled to find its footing from the very beginning. Dragon Age: Origins garnered a good amount of followers, but never accumulated a large fan base. Dragon Age II, while popular among some players, was received with mixed reviews by both players and critics. It feels like Dragon Age: Inquisition suffers from the same issues as its predecessors – feeling and playing like a different game instead of the next installation in a series."

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vishmarx1411d ago

extremely unfair score, looks like the reievwer was having a bad day

moegooner881411d ago

Cheatcc despite being a generally fair website reviews wise,publishes a review every once in a while which doesn't fit the game being reviewed one bit.

TedCruzsTaint1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

It comes out to just under a freaking 8.
You people on your scores. A ten is automatically "bought", anything that isn't a 9, however, is apparently disservice to any game in question, and something falling just under an 8 is "extremely unfair".

Sounds to be a pretty damn solid score to me.

Seriously, going by people's comments time after time, the scores are meaningless and you essentially want people to stamp "trash" or "the greatest game ever made" at the top of the review.

ThanatosDMC1411d ago

Fair review. A lot of reviewers have complained about the graphics being outdated but still gave it a pass but this guy didn't, which is great.

Stapleface1411d ago

It's all opinion sure, but the fact that it's open world, the biggest we have seen on current gen, and the fact that it's a multi gen title including the previous gens then docking points becomes pointless. Tells nothing of the game, and just shows what the reviewer finds to be important is much different than what I believe to be important to most gamers. Gameplay first, graphics second. Some of the biggest titles prove that. Just another opinion, mine this time, in an ocean of varying opinions.

joel_c171411d ago

Fair score - fans are a perfect example of "group think"