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Gaming Trend Editor Ron Burke tries to end the debate on 900p vs 1080p with this comparison video. It also features a PC on Fade Touched texture settings. Enjoy.

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Mr Pumblechook1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Great video. Game is reviewing high on all formats, XBO, PC and PS4. Nice to see the PC Ultra settings. But when it comes to consoles I think Bioware were right to not limit the PS4 version to 900p and get the best out of every format. I wish them big success with this game and can't wait to get my copy!

vishmarx1375d ago

can wait to pick it up!!!

also , not that great a video.
a few character faces and darkness is all i see

id rather wait for better comparisons or not care at all

i played da o on a ps3.i can take anything lol and the ps4 version should be fine

Orbilator1375d ago

I agree its a poor video for sure, think it looks good on all platforms, however an open world vista comparisson in the day would give us better comparison than this video

Knightshade1375d ago

Trying to not spoil anything about the game, you have to be very, very picky about what you pick to show. I do believe that had I not put the tags on there to say which side was which, you'd have a very hard time telling me which platform was on each half, which demonstrates my point.

GribbleGrunger1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

This argument is really stupid. If you can't tell the difference between 1080p and 900p then shut the hell up about it. Let PS4 gamers have 1080p and XB1 gamers have 900p. You can't tell the difference so what does it hurt? Could all of those people who can't tell the difference please inform developers like Ubisoft that you don't care and you're fine with the PS4 getting 1080p. Thanks.

freshslicepizza1375d ago

why is the argument stupid to those who may want to know? you obviously have a ps4 and by the looks of it will never buy an xbox one so why do you care so much? this would be more helpful for those who are planning to buy one or the other, those who have a choice. you've made your choice so why do you care about the xb1 version? obviously 1080p is going to be sharper and if people are really intrigued by having the best performance they would invest in a pc.

what strikes me as very odd is why ps4 owners constantly feel the need to wonder how the xb1 performs when they have no interest at all in that system. ubisofts game the new assassins creed is poorly optimized all around but again it looks as though the pc is the way to go. see a trend staring to build? but why bring up ubisoft games into this topic? if you feel their games are not taking advantage of the ps4 hardware enough for you then don't buy it but this isn't the topic for that.

GribbleGrunger1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I don't have a problem, those that can't see the difference do. If you don't mind 900p then that's fine, but articles like this are stupid to people who CAN see the difference. And exactly what are these articles trying to prove? I've never seen any other technology dismissed on the grounds you can't tell the difference between a certain standard. When was the last time you saw a phone or a pad or a camera or a TV or a car put on equal terms with a less than capable model simply because 'some people won't notice'? It doesn't happen. It's ludicrous.

freshslicepizza1375d ago

those that cant tell then that is their problem, not yours right?

GribbleGrunger1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

If they can't tell the difference, what does it matter if we keep being told they can't tell the difference? How many times can you regurgitate these articles to illicit the same repetitive comment? The only valid articles are those that show there is a difference, because there IS. Trying to convince yourself there isn't a difference by saying you can't see a difference is one thing, but trying to convince those that CAN see a difference that there is no difference, is stupid. All this does is drag the argument on and keeps the power narrative alive. Why can't you and others understand this? Do you really want the whole of this generation to be depressing? Do you want these articles to constantly open up what should be healed wounds?

freshslicepizza1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

it only drags on if we allow it to. the thing is we've seen lens of truth and digital foundry comparisons for years now and some are indeed interested in knowing the differences and how much they truly matter. i get that for those who are undecided which version to get, but what i dont get is why people such as yourself constantly get involved when you already made your commitment to which system you will support.

but why do i get a nagging feeling that even though the xbox 360 was the go to platform for multiplat games last generation you still preferred the ps3? which makes me wonder even more why you are getting involved in these debates.

if everyone wasn't biased then these differences would actually matter but we all know xbox fans will make light of the differences now because the hardware is clearly inferior to that of the ps4. just like sony fans did last generation and always deflected those differences by pointing out the exclusives. so you never get an honest unbiased view from those who will continue to support the companies that make the hardware.

where we can both agree on is the media who seem to want to downplay the differences. this we both notice but what i also notice (that you might not) is how much sony fans want to play a role in making these differences more than they really are. just like xbox fans did last generation. to fix that situation we should care less about the companies who make the hardware but that will never happen. game fanboys have existed way back to the old nintendo and sega days and its only going to get worse, not better. thanks largely to social media and how everyone has an opinion now with just a button away.

what i find very perplexing is how you mention do i want this generation to be depressing by these articles. do you really allow yourself to be swayed either way that actually has an impact on your enjoyment? don't get so attached to the system, problem solved. that way when someone says something negative you won't feel the sudden rush to defend something that is so materialistic.

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beastModeOn1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Pc > ps4 >xb1

Game is getting amazing reviews.
Can't wait. :D

tucky1375d ago

Are you kidding?????
PC on ultra settings was disgusting... Awful framerate

LightofDarkness1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

With better hardware, the framerate should easily approach 60. The PC version is able to hit 60FPS and beyond and hit 4k resolution if necessary. Just because these guys are using crappy hardware doesn't mean all PC gamers can expect the same.

Knightshade1375d ago

That was hitting roughly 30 frames per second on my "crappy" hardware, turned all the way up and at 1080p for a direct comparison. You can thank Youtube and their ass-tastic compression. :/

Brisco1375d ago

Would switch Ps 4 and Xbox around mate. Xbox one looks just better.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1375d ago

Would switch your fanboy glasses to regular glasses brotha. Regular glasses looks just better

die_fiend1375d ago

Xbox One games have never looked better than PS4 and I don't see that in this video. In case it wasn't obvious Xbox is 66% of the power of PS4.

Raider691375d ago

I want to see the framerate on consoles before i chose the one to buy!

Maxor1375d ago

This is the true nextgen game we're all waiting for and this vid does a piss poor job at highlighting the difference.

Masterh0ppa1375d ago

Xbox one seems to look better then Ps 4. But hey that's would be not the first time.

Xavior_Reigns1375d ago

Oh look an xbot is trolling again, clearly this isn't his first time. Damn man can't you just be a normal Xbox fan? Seriously peeps like you make all of us look bad.

Brisco1375d ago

No idea why you are attacking him. He clearly is telling the truth. Based on this video he's stating the truth.

Xavior_Reigns1375d ago

Well I'm not calling him out because of the visuals, that varies by individuals. I'm "attacking" because of that last sentence, its stealth if you didn't notice. Also a quick look at comment history proves me right.

When I said, "makes us all look bad" its because I am a Xbox fan. However I'm holding off till Halo 5 is released to buy my Xbox One.

akurtz1375d ago

I don't think there ever was a time

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