Dragon Age: Inquisition Review – Rifting Away (PSLS)

PSLS: "When I received Dragon Age: Inquisition a couple of weeks ago, I was incredibly excited to get started on it. I had read all the news about it, and knew that it would have open areas, tactical combat, and exciting character development. I thought I knew what to expect based on everything I had read; and because I had played the first two Dragon Age games. What I was not expecting, but what I found, was the best console RPG I have ever played."

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JonnyBigBoss1375d ago

I really like this game. Great review!

Wedge191375d ago

Oh man! Seems like a good one, can't wait to get my hands on it!

CowbopBeboy1375d ago

Sounds good - really enjoyed this review.

noctis_lumia1375d ago

joystick 5/5
gamespot 9/10
gamesradar 4/5
IGN 8.8/10
pc reviews 4/5
PSU 10/10
nexus 9.5/10