HellBlade's Combat - Simple, lightning fast, but endlessly nuanced

MWEB GameZone writes: "At its core, HellBlade will have a hardcore battle system. One that is entirely skill based and one that the big AAA studios tend to shy away from in the pursuit of mass appeal.

We take a look at how unique HellBlades' combat engine really is."

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lord zaid1344d ago

I know DMC for mixed reactions from people, but I love that games combat and I think Ninja Theory have a good handle on what makes a good fighter.

HanCilliers1344d ago

"The system runs in real-time, so the combat system could be designed while the game is running. It's a system that will eventually allow designers and animators to create and expand the combat system, without any code involvement."


Sillicur1344d ago

Amazing, sounds like this could be really awesome

Sillicur1344d ago

You got me at "entirely skill based" :)