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Xavior_Reigns1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Good! Now stabilize that b!tch, not that my PS4 has had problems. Those that do, hopefully you'll get your fix.

RumbleFish1349d ago

So Your PS4 sends messages instantly?

You allways can hear all people in a party chat without having to leave and join again?

I just ask, because I experience these problems every day.

SniperControl1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

I can send messages instantly with no problems, never tried party chat, so cant comment on your other problem.

Xavior_Reigns1349d ago

LOL okay you got me on that, but messages do work just fine for me. Party chat? Haven't gotten around to using it (as most of my friends are on xbox.) Regardless I was referring to updates basically bricking your console or such.

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KwietStorm1349d ago

I don't know that the messaging thing is a system problem vs a server problem, so I don't know that a firmware would fix that. I know messages are delayed on my PlayStation app too, so there's that. I've never had that problem with party chat though.

strickers1349d ago

I don't ever have those issues

Zenith4k1349d ago

I had the message thing where it would send my message 6 minutes later but after 2.0 that seemed to fix it with internet clock.

RumbleFish1349d ago

LOL @ the disagrees, but I can honestly say that sending messages has improved with today's FW update.

We use the party chat a lot because the chat quality is better than ingame chat and when we play destiny we can chat w/o being in one game session. Very useful while waiting for a sixth player for the VOG.

nunley331349d ago

While messaging in a PSNOW game the messages were instant with a little delay when you sent them on ps3 when out of PSNOW, so it was a server issue. Glad to see the PSNOW servers being implemented across PSN to speed everything up. Once Home closes next year you'll see a boost since their servers wll be turned into PSNOW servers.

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JudgmentJay1349d ago

Need to be able to sort friends in groups!


I never really had a problem with that so I never thought of it, but it's a good idea. Back in PS3 it took a while to find someone scrollling through the hundred frinds you could have, now PS4 allows a thousand, it can definetelly get messy (specially as people tend to use tricks to get an ID they want - like surrounding the name with junk characters or replacing an L with an I or a vertical bar "|", etc).

ITPython1349d ago

I just love coming home from work with only a few measly hours (at best) of free time to enjoy gaming, only to find out I need to update the damn system again. So I spend 35 minuets downloading the unnecessary gigantic update only to have it sit there for another 10 minuets "preparing to install". Then as I investigate, it starts the download all F**king over again. Yay another 35 minuets OF WASTED TIME.

By the time this garbage update finally gets installed I will only have a few minuets left to enjoy my games.

I am a huge PS4 fanboy, but in regards to this update, Sony can suck a fat one. Nothing pisses me off more than wasting my f**king time, especially since I have so little of it to spare. Just downloading the update once was bad enough, but the fact I have to download it again FOR NO DAMN REASON is absolutely infuriating.

kneon1349d ago

Mine took under 5 minutes from the time I first pressed the PS button to the time I was playing a game. And the update was not pre-downloaded.

SniperControl1349d ago

Did mine today, took me no more than 5 minutes to download and install.

nunley331349d ago

Firmware updates aren't that often to be this much of a bother and that's a long time for downloading too.

pody1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

That's what I really like about Playstation Plus. Everything is automatically downloaded and installed, and you can just jump directly in to games without needing to wait for an update.
You do have to manually install system firmware updates like this though, but at least they're downloaded beforehand. The installing never takes no more then a few minutes anyway so it's not really a issue for me.

EinRobot1349d ago

Sounds like your internet service sucks. The update was under five minutes for me.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1349d ago

Don't download PS4 updates from any site other than a site associated with Sony Online Entertainment, PlayStation Network, PlayStation, or Sony Entertainment Network. Download links from other sites may contain malware, trojans, or spyware that can used to begin Denial Of Service attacks on PSN or these harmful programs may be used to steal data from your PSN account(s). Better yet, let the download occur directly from your PlayStation console to ensure that your system does not contain any harmful, malignant software.

SniperControl1349d ago

Cant believe someone disagreed with you, fanboys huh.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

That's the second time i've seen this site try to get people to click links to download a PS4 update. I think Sony has caught on to the little douchbags who were responsible for the September DDoS attack and are making minor "code" changes to the PS4 OS that will keep these wannabes out of PSN servers. So spread the word. Don't download Modding software or updates from other websites onto your PS4. Let the update occur on it's own when you turn on your PS4.

Above are the only links that anyone reading this article should use to download an update or any software relating to any PlayStation product. If you have any doubts as to the validity of any software you come across on the internet, contact playstation support and ASK!!!!

ftwrthtx1349d ago

The links are from a Sony owned site and are the actual links the PS4 uses to download the updates.

Tratious1349d ago

The is registered to, and owned by Sony Computer Entertainment. I'm not supporting downloading this or installing, I'm just dropping off a little information that's all.

ftwrthtx1349d ago

These are legit download links straight from Sony's servers

ftwrthtx1349d ago

The download links listed are directly from sites owned by Sony.

TerminalGamer1349d ago

The lunks are to a Sony owned site and are the same ones the PS4 uses.

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belac091349d ago

why would you need to download from pc to update ps4? i guess if its been temporarily bricked from the 2.0 patch, that makes sense.

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Jamiex661349d ago

Just curious, is anyone else only experiencing the Rest Mode error after update 2.01? I had no troubles after 2.0 and now it happens every time.

Doritos_Pope1349d ago

Nope, that bug was completely fixed by 2.01

Jamiex661349d ago

Well I have 2.01 installed and that actually caused the problem. Maybe I am just a small percentage that the fix actually caused the problem.

Nekroo911349d ago

Yeah some people are still having the problem and some complain about the ps4 turning itself off

Jamiex661349d ago

Well this update fixed me, seems to have now been resolved :)

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