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Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is the sequel to NIS America’s PlayStation Vita release, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Players again take the role of an amnesia-stricken high school student as they are forced to make life-or-death decisions. Each student is chosen as an “ultimate” of a particular ability. Please note: This review only covers the first chapter of the game at the request of the publisher.

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ashen1221347d ago

7.5? damn no name reviewers

totallysane1347d ago

Considering GameInformer gave it an 8, it isn't that far off base.

totallysane1347d ago

In fact, looking through a bunch of the reviews it looks like 8's are pretty prevalent.

Rawrwrwr1347d ago

It should be 8 btw good game.

MeteorPanda1346d ago

l..l wanna get this game however..does it fall into the sort of thing most localized jrpgs on the vita fall into? Loli and fanservice everywhere? If it's like persona with characters then l'll prolly like it.

tiffac0081346d ago

Its a visual novel, so its not a standard JRPG. Its like Ace Attorney but on the extreme level.

It has fan service (from one character that I know of) but its not the selling point or prevalent like Sengan Kagura or Akiba Strip and its definitely not loli.

jonatan2211346d ago

Yeah, it's definitely not loli, and the fan service (which there isn't a lot of) is mainly used for comic relief. The characters are very interesting and I think you'll like them just like in persona games!

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