Best Buy Black Friday Deals 2014 For Xbox One, Playstation 4, Video Games Overload

Techtorial: Best Buy Black Friday ads for this year are now revealed giving massive deals to gamers. In addition, Gamers Club Unlocked members can have 20% more discounts to video games during the sale.

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guitarded771410d ago

We've seen better. But the console bundles are nice for anyone looking to get one. Target has the better deal on the XBOX One so far though. Looks like every retailer is gonna run the GTAV and TLoU PS4 bundle. The Wii U bundle with SMW3D, SMB, Donkey Kong and NintendoLand is pretty good... lots of games for a starter.

badboyz091410d ago

Any PS4 Black Friday HDD Deals?

arkard1410d ago

Watch newegg and tigerdirect for good HDD deals.

Ch1d0r11410d ago

That Wii U deal is looking damn sexy.

XanderZane1409d ago

Got some good deals there. Might try to get Shadow of Mordor for $25 online.

Spenok1409d ago

Do it man. It's a fantastic game. Best new IP in a while. I'll be getting the evil within myself.

TheWackyMan1410d ago

Now I kind of regret buying alien and evil within when they launched. I messed up guys. hold me. ;_;

ABizzel11410d ago

I RARELY buy games that launch in September / October, unless they're completely must haves, because BF comes around and they're down to $20 - $30 at Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

Lesson Learned, don't be weak next year *holds you gently* XD

guitarded771410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

ALWAYS wait on games launched mid year... especially if they are new/reboot franchises. You can always get them for a steal on Black Friday. The only games I pay full retail for are those that I REALLY want/must have.

EDIT: Your profile pic makes your comment kinda funny though.

lunatic00011409d ago

same here with the evil within dude...i couldn't resist playing another shinji mikami survival horror game but damn...i should have waited :(

LoveOfTheGame1410d ago

Is there no The Last of Us-Remastered deals anywhere? Was hoping to snag it for $30

ABizzel11410d ago

There might be, most of these ads don't show the full game line-up, so you can only see part of it. Best Buy's ad looked digital and had the arrows to skim over to more games, but since it's only an image you can't scroll over to see what else is on sale.

I'm looking for it too.

etownone1410d ago

The digital copy sells for $24.99

TheOnlyMastrx1410d ago

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel cheaper than the Target ad I saw yesterday. Great! Thanks for the info.

khellendros11410d ago

Shadow of Mordor for $24.99!! I'm definitely getting that.

Richny1410d ago

Yup shadow of mordor is a definite buy for me, especially at that price. I'm gonna pick up the ps4 copy

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The story is too old to be commented.