New Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots uncovered

As next week’s launch of Dragon Age: Inquisition quickly approaches, BioWare has released a new set of screenshots that show off the new environments and creatures that fans can expect to encounter within the third installment of the popular fantasy franchise. As reviews will begin to pour in from various outlets ahead of the game’s official release, the developer made a new batch of in-game screens available to give fans a fresh look at the upcoming title.

The newly released screenshots show off what BioWare was able to accomplish using the Frostbite 3 engine. The images help depict the large world that the developer created for gamers to explore, complete with a variety of locales that range from harsh deserts to lush jungles full of vegetation.

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kratoz12091414d ago

Wasn't really fussed on this game, but after doing my research it sounds like a lot of fun