Destructoid: Guardians has left me oddly cold and worried

Destructoid: "This is not my granpappy's Halo"

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BigBosss1200d ago

It's 343, nothing to be worried about.

u got owned1200d ago

Like the article said this is what the beta is for, 343 made it very clear they want fans to help them make meaningful changes.

Septic1200d ago

It looks like the devs have a nigh on impossible job of pleasing old skool fans as well as keeping the game fresh somehow

The mp looked great but not very different to what has come like before. I'll.reserve judgment for the beta but I'm liking what I see so far.

Volkama1200d ago

It'll be especially hard for them now that they have provided us with a reminder of just how awesome the old Halo games still feel.

Mr Pumblechook1200d ago

In other media, previews are always meant to be written in a tone of cautious optimism. Previews should highlight the bad as well as the potential in a game. But for a title that is a year from release I think it is actually wrong for these writers to be down on a game. It is a trend I see beginning to take off because it gets hits. But it's not journalism, it's just cynical hit-bating.

slasaru011200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

It's high time because most of the so called fans have grown up and left gaming. Other fans chose PS4 instead and mocking the console. So why spending efforts and time to please those ungrateful people, when you can attract a lot of new gamers?

Also, the game is going to be a massive open world, with RPG like additions, AFAIK. It needs some updates that make a game feel modern and not so boring.

When I play older Halos, I feel like controlling a bulldozer, so clanky it feels.

NewMonday1199d ago


copying military FPS games from last generation is not "fresh"

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nicksetzer11200d ago

Couldn't disagree more with this article, I was worried when they said "spartan abilities" but after seeing it in action on "truth" it was simply amazing.

GodGinrai1200d ago

Yeah that match was intense to watch. this is halo, alright :).

Walker1200d ago

ow, miss you bungie :( 343 sucks :/

aviator1891200d ago

You do realize bungie started changing up the Halo formula with Reach, right?

Daz1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Someone don't want change

just halo 2 mutiplayer every for new halo.

xxx_Solid_Snake_xxx1200d ago

bungie ==> destiny ==> 5 and 6 rating
no missing :)

Funantic11200d ago

Bungie needs to fix Destiny before they deserve to be missed.

Ausbo1200d ago

You do realize a lot of 343 is old bungie

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IWentBrokeForGaming1200d ago

Is this a mod for COD?... If you don't see it you're blind!

mhunterjr1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Yeah its a COD, they just modded out kill streaks, the xp upgrade system, customizable weapons, movement penalties when scoped, and the short TTK. Then they modded in the ranking system, fair starts, shields, weapon spawns, and vehicles...

In other words, the two games aren't very similar.

Fishy Fingers1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Hopefully I'll get to have some hands on over the next few days. The gameplay videos look very similar to previous Halo MP. It's a tough task to please the long standing fans while injecting something fresh.

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