Halo: Master Chief Collection Servers Go Down

Update: Xbox Live is experiencing issues. Both "Purchase and Content Usage" and "Social and Gaming" are "limited." After intermittent issues with the live streamed event, HaloFest, it appears as though servers for Halo: Master Chief Collection have crashed.

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DragonbornZ1415d ago

Hm? I just played a few matches.
Started playing right after 12

ZombieKiller1415d ago

See PlayStation isn't the only one with network issues.
XBL goes down too. Stop acting like it doesn't fanboys. Driveclub was a mistake, so is this. People make mistakes.

As long as it's fixed so you guys (and some of my friends) can play asap.

BattleAxe1415d ago


Yeah, but Playstation doesn't currently have any games with the kind of demand that Halo commands. There are probably close to a million people trying to log onto the Halo servers right now.

Cream1415d ago

It's not a competition...
Rip Microsoft a new one!
Maybe my service will get better... unlike AW.

illAmpRefugee1414d ago

@Battle axe theres gaurenteed was more than 1 million ppl playin cod aw on ps4 midnight launch

indyman77771414d ago

So basically it will be back up, and we will have access to HALO at 1080P AND 60FPS to boot am I right?!

High res and smooth play! Take it to the hole!

NobleTeam3601414d ago

@ZombieKiller, I would agree except XBL isn't down.

turdburgler10801414d ago

11/11/2014 4:50:43 PM CST:
Hi Xbox members, we are aware that some of you are having issues posting statistics to leaderboards and viewing the online state of other users on your Friends list. We're currently working hard to get these issues fixed and we appreciate your patience while we work. We'll update you again, right here, in 30 minutes.

That's the only issue that's listed on xbox live status page so it looks like alls well again.

kevnb1414d ago

Yet call of duty will easily outsell the master chief collection, even on Xbox one alone.

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Utalkin2me1415d ago


"Halo is my childhood", That shows me how old you are. And secondly MS never had the crown to begin with, how can they retain something they never had?

beereal3601414d ago

Crown. Lmao. How are you making off getting sony rich. Ohh nothing. Get a life

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shloobmm31415d ago

Servers were never down for me although initially it was taking longer than usual to find a match.

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nicksetzer11415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Pretty large assumption to say that it is server issues considering it is not even globally launvhed yet and there are a huge amount of playlist, many peiple have to download a 60gb patch, etc. Most likely just not many players have the game up and ready yet it is only the east coast really so far.

Also, those other mode are not matchmaking...

@aluc I would hardly say widespread, most likely still just a small user base and large amount of playlists.

Also, if servers are down why do custom games work fine?

Alucardx031415d ago

Check out the story. This is a fairly widespread issue. The servers launched over an hour ago and many people, including myself, still cannot connect.

Bennibop1415d ago

I cannot connect either, already annoyed at waiting for the excessive sized patch and initial download.

Kayant1415d ago

60GB???? Don't you mean 20GB. That would be one hell of a ridiculous patch size

nicksetzer11415d ago

Total install size, most people are bringing the disc home as of 12pm local time... it's about 17GB patch.

Griever1415d ago

"Digital Future" my friend, digital future...

CannonB81415d ago

Isn't 20GB a ridiculous patch size?

Volkama1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

@CannonD8 It's not really a patch so much as it is the whole multiplayer component. The 4 games didn't fit on 1 disc, and apparently the xbox can't install off of 2 discs.

Having said that, there have been other day one patches that come close to that size.

Kayant1415d ago


Oh it is but 60GB is just BS.


Well you said "download" so...

Nightcyberspud1415d ago

The 20 GB wasn't just a patch. It was multiplayer content that they couldn't fit on the disc.

Give_me_head_strong1414d ago

@Volkama- "Apparently the Xbox One can't install off two disks.." Um, are you dumb? 343i already stated that they didn't want two disks in the package, hence the 17GB install.

Volkama1414d ago

@Give_Me_Head_Strong No, I'm not dumb.

343i said they didn't want you to have to swap discs. Which you wouldn't have to do even if the game came on 2 discs, because all games install and play directly off the hard drive. Unless for some reason the Xbox can't install data off 2 discs, which is possibly somethng they over-looked when "flipping the switch" on how discs work.

Halo franchise development director Frank O'Connor has said that the game was "designed to run as a single, unified product", something that switching discs would have interrupted.

"Digital is seamless obviously, but we also wanted disc users to have the same experience, without swapping discs,"

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Alucardx031415d ago

The problems are affecting Xbox Live as well...

nicksetzer11415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

That has been up since 11/8 and has not yet gone down, it was up at 12pm this afternoon also, well before release. Not sure why as it clearly isn't down.

Again though, you have provided no evidence of "server struggle" on this situation just matchmaking issues. People are clearly playing and custom games are working. Also, MS or 343 have not reported it, so until then making up reason why is not the correct procedure.

If you article was "matchmaking issues" and not "server struggles" it would be accurate. However making assumptions (that are most likely incorrect) is surely not a good idea.

Alucardx031415d ago

You wanna take down that report now?

Xbox members, are you having a tough time matchmaking in Halo: The Master Chief Collection? As you read this message, we’re working with our external partner to correct this issue right away. We appreciate your patience in the meantime! We’ll update you again when we have more information.
Additionally, it’s come to our attention that some of our members are having a tough time viewing the online state and activity of other users on their Friends list. Hang in there, folks! As you read this message, we’re working with our partner to correct this issue. Thanks for your patience while we work. We’ll update you again in half an hour.

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DragonbornZ1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

They aren't down, but they are struggling. I just got done with a Halo 2 classic match after struggling to find more players for a Team Anniversary one.
That's why I was like "huh"? The title is misleading (Unfortunately as this place shall be filled with trolls because of it *sigh*), but the article is on point.

TheBrit1415d ago

then you probably shouldn't say 'a 60 gig patch' as that is very misleading. The original day one patch was 20 gig and they dropped it to 15.

xTheSociopathx1415d ago

im in cali and the servers are down but i aint trippin so much content to rifle through while they get their servers sorted.

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qwerty6761415d ago

as long as it doesnt effect ACU, one more hour

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Jaqen_Hghar1415d ago

You should be playing the single player anyway. In fact if any of you Halo players aren't enjoying SP which has infinitely more replay value than any MP because it's telling a well crafted story (think of re-reading your favorite book or popping in the bluray of your favorite cinematic masterpiece). A man loves that he never liked a single online MP for more than a week before getting bored but can get infinite hours out of a great single player because you can always go back and enjoy the story on easy (doing it right now with Uncharted 2 actually)

mhunterjr1415d ago

As much as l love Halo's single player, I've put thousands of hours into halo2's MP as a youth. Both modes provided replayability, but the desire to hit level 50 certainly brought me back more than the campaign. I went online almost daily for two years.

Acrodragoon1414d ago

Ummm... No. While the campaigns in Halo are enjoyable, the multiplayer is far and away the best experience halo has to offer. To say the MP gets boring in a week combined with you recommending to play campaign on easy forces me to believe you are just bad at FPS's. It's a shame you took such a great characters name as your tag, somewhere out there a man is displeased with your representation.

EmptySkyForm1415d ago

But But But, Xbox Live is so good! There's no way their servers would go down! PSN will forever be trash!

In all seriousness people need to wake up. It can happen to any server. Remember how the destiny beta brought down xbox live? Yet people seem to want to forget that. Let's just hope this gets fixed asap so you lucky bastards can enjoy your halo.

beastModeOn1415d ago

You speak the truth man. Now wait for those disagrees.

marlinfan101415d ago

no, no disagrees. the ps fanboys all flocked over together so you're looking okay. i asked someone else to do the same, but why don't you link me somewhere where you see xbox fans saying xbox never has any sort of problems? id really like to see where people have been saying that, cause ive never seen it. i doubt ill get a link though so just keep on trolling buddy

Kemo_Spear1415d ago

@marlinfan, no need for links. Just go to any Driveclub story and you will see them.

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1415d ago
Ripsta7th1415d ago

How come you guys always try to play the victim first?!? I have yet to see a single comment up therefrom any xbox guys , just you Sony fans alredy playing the victim before anyone has said anything

Why o why1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Lol...try going into a driveclub article or any sales article then tell me about 'playing victim' ....blinkers dont suit your costume my friend.

I'm sure they'll be up soon enough. . Nothing is infallible. This is nothing for anybody to be gloating over sucks for gamers and despite our differing preferences, we're all still gamers.

MrCherry1415d ago

Thk you, 10 years down road gamers say sony and thiy say what?

MrCherry1415d ago

Oooo nice to see you care.

SJPFTW1415d ago

LOL but in all seriousness has Xbox Live ever been down for a whole month? This is one games servers, on launch day, not the whole network, like cmaan hardly equivalent.

Oschino19071415d ago

So you are equating being attacked by a group of hackers to server problems probably overload ones at that?

Got to love the Xbox fanboy logic. I see more PS fans and fanboys basically saying "see, it can happen to the best of them" even if obnoxious about it which is far more mature compared to the average Xbox fanboy comments.

SJPFTW1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Like PSN never had server issues with launch games? Yes PSN was hacked, because of flaws in the networks security due to Sony's oversight. Unable to play a game for a couple hours is not as bad as having your personal information and credit card number being stolen.

dragon821414d ago

There has not been one reported case of someone having their credit card info stolen. Sony also gave away a free year of identity theft/fraud protection to all PSN users just in case.

I think it is about time people stop using that as some kind of ammo.

Copenhagen1414d ago

Consider this if you can okay. MS has 2 platforms for xbox live to support okay TWO...Sony supports every PSP version,PS3,PS4 with PSN the PS3 has more active online users than live because PSN is still free on on PS3's and PSP's. It's complete idea u to even attempt to compare the two when across all platforms I'd venture a guess that PSN has double the online users of the 360 and X1 combined. More traffic is more issues and when only one of those platforms is the only one bringing in money that being the PS4 yeah you're going to have more issues than Live with half the users. People just don't stop and truly think anymore they just write whatever comes to mind and it's the act of being willfully ignorant.

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jznrpg1415d ago

But the Azure servers are made of magic and there are 500000 for each game.

supersonicjerry1415d ago

Only fanboys think that servers can't go down for Microsoft but everyone knows that xboxlive is way better than PSN. Lets just see how long it takes them to fix this issue with Halo.

DLConspiracy1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I love how people are excited and waiting for something to go wrong on a launch of MCC. All that does is build more peoples intolerance when PSN inevitably will go down. Nobody ever said XBL was perfect. They just said it was better.

However I mostly played campaign at midnight but also tried out multiplayer last night. It was working it was just taking a long time for each match.

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