Halo 5: Guardians Introduces All New Spartan Abilities

During the livestream of Halofest, 343 Industries shared some of the first gameplay details on the multiplayer of Halo 5: Guardians.

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nicksetzer11346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

These abilities sounded terrible, but seeing the MP match on "truth" in action, it looked great. I can't believe I am saying this, but it looks like classic halo, but better.

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DragonbornZ1346d ago

It really does look great. 343 looks to be implementing these things carefully too.
They know what they're doing with the game :)
Next gen halo baby! Halo has evolved!

DragonbornZ1344d ago

I thought about CE after I typed that lol

Barnaby-Jones1346d ago

So hyped, It looks incredible! And to think, this is just the beta!

Ashunderfire861346d ago

I don't know but it seems like Call of Duty and Halo is imitating TitanFall with those air moves. Titanfall had air moves and parkour, Advance Warfare had exo suits doing air dash, Halo 5 is air dash too, but they call it thruster pack(BS lol). Air dash is the standard now for FPS I guess.

Allsystemgamer1346d ago

Halo 4 had air dashing with the thruster pack...

Nolando1346d ago

ITS so much better implemented in this game lol, plus I love the hurdle mechanic, you truly will have so much movement on any map now.

Nolando1346d ago

The only thing I was iffy about was the ground pound ability. seemed a little too random but im sure they are balancing it. all the other abilities are going to be perfectly put into the game!

mhunterjr1346d ago

I was worried at first, but now I'm calm. It looks like 343i did a great job bringing Balance back to the franchise, while adding enough new stuff to keep it fresh.

The ADS is now a complete non issue. It looks very well done, and makes sense for weapons that don't have zoom. The pistol is no longer useless, and the dmr and battle rifle now have a true distinction between being midrange and long range weapons.