We Know Who Will Reign Supreme This Christmas - Do You?

CheatCC says "You’ve heard a lot recently regarding insane deals, price cuts and special bundles that look to pull your attention to one side of the next-gen fence or the other. Sony has several interesting bundles worth a glance (one that nets you a brand spankin’ new copy of the remastered GTV V for free), while Microsoft is slashing this and couponing that. Hell, wait long enough and you might just be able to pick up an Xbox One for $10 by the time they’re done! Although, as appealing as saving a buck can be, there are others key things to consider."

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1413d ago

Morpheus and the PS4's growing library of games should be a major consideration for people trying to decide which console to buy. Short term thinking usually leads to a long term disappointment.

thrust1413d ago

I agree I hate waiting!

N4g_null1413d ago

So why get a morpheus? I thought the whole point of a ps4 was 3rd party support. Motion controlled isn't really supported by sony or its 3rd parties. Old ps3 type games are with better graphics though. Based on the past why would you hype something that does not come standard in a sony machine? I mean where are the ps eye games, the motion games?

Those games won't grow till some time next year. So why buy now when I'm just going to be waiting.

Also why give sony a pass after all of the other add-ons they simply dropped in the past.

ms well I'm sure they will buy something that wows me yet i just don't want to pay for.

the wiiu is already at home with my pc. I like playing advanced warfare at 103 frame a sec in hd with what every controller I want. If you want to game now that maybe your best combo. If you can only choose one get some games for your old ps3 or 360 etc. If you like gameplay then you know nintendo is tops. If you like movie games give sony a try, if you like your friendlist... well go ms their services almost never go down.

Never buy a console based on power only unless you are making your own games of course.

deafdani1413d ago

PS4's growing library, yes.

Morpheus, nope.

Morpheus will be a pretty cool peripheral, but it will probably be expensive, and not something that will really drive PS4 sales in any significant way. The vast majority of PS4 owners won't have it, just like the majority of PS3 players didn't have Move, and the majority of PS2 players didn't get the EyeToy.

Avernus1413d ago

"Reign supreme"? I think gamers in general will. If I had the money I'll have all 3 consoles. Next year I'll have an X1, and then when / if Wii U gets a little cheaper I'll pick one up too.

The whole "who's winning" thing is beyond dumb. Who's winning? The CEO's laughing at gamers for making these "wars" who are getting paid big money, that's who.

I'm looking forward to Dragon Age this holiday season, then soon after Witcher 3 / Bloodborne / 1886.

If I had an X1 obviously Halo would be my buy this season as well. O well, next year some time.

Xavior_Reigns1413d ago

Yeah multiplatform gamers will win and fanboys on any side will lose, though some are smart enough to own at least another.

Also its not like MS, Sony, and Nintendo will lose, they'll all sell lots of consoles this holiday.