Rumor: The Elder Scroll Online for Consoles is Cancelled

Well known internet sleuth and hacker SuperMTW has shared some insider information on the state of The Elder Scrolls Online for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, citing a trusted source inside Bethesda. MTW tells LevelSave that while the game is "fully functional," it will never see the light of day in its current form for a variety of reasons.

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-Foxtrot1345d ago

Oh...what a shame, I'm hurting inside /s


Anyway back to waiting for my pure single player experience with Fallout 4 :)

typittt691345d ago

Same here. I don't get the disagrees. They need to show us the new evolution of the Bethesda single player RPG. That game looked like shit anyway...

nicksetzer11345d ago

Yea, I think it was obvious it was cancelled about a year ago lol

Not a huge deal though, as you said a new fallout or actual elder scrolls game without a monthly fee will be much better anyway.

Rickgrimes951345d ago

Ha I wonder how much money they have lost on this idea. Why couldn't they just do another single player elder scrolls? Skyrim sold like over 20 mil copies if I remember correctly. Was anybody asking for this? I sure wasn't shot themselves in the foot if u ask me rumor has it they've spent 200+ mil on this what a dumb idea

Magicite1345d ago

the most NOT anticipated game.

Tsar4ever011345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Yeah, Fallout 4 and a remaster of Skyrim for the ps4/Xb1. That is Skyrim legendary edition with the high res pack to match.
This gem of a game is too big and valuable, rich with content to be left in archives of last Gen.

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viperman2401345d ago

And nothing of value was lost.

crusf1345d ago

Just give us the next REAL elder scrolls game please.

Nwah1345d ago

Not so soon. I want them to take their time with this one.

xPhearR3dx1345d ago

Not so soon? Skyrim came out exactly 3 years ago today. Bethesda didn't develop ESO, Zenimax did, so a new TES game may not be too far off.

DOMination-1345d ago

They have Fallout first which seems like it might be a fall 2015 game. I honestly don't see a new elder scrolls hitting until 2017

OUROSMAG1345d ago

What's funny is i was just talking about this today, and said "that shit has to be canned, I haven't heard a word about it in months"

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The story is too old to be commented.