Advanced Warfare multiplayer map has a game-breaking bug

Playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare online last week was pretty much impossible unless getting merciless dominated by a horrible online ping sounds like fun. It’s improved drastically though, allowing me to actually get some decent game time in over the weekend. Just enough, in fact, to spot a game breaking bug in one of the maps.

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GavinMannion1413d ago

It still gets me that people do things like this, it just sucks the fun out of the game

Cream1413d ago

this game sucks the fun out of the game.
Horrible online ping and all the double XP on the planet cant fix it.

If double XP could then they should lower the XP to level up.

HairyKnees1413d ago

*Sigh* why do people do this? Come on Sledgehammer... fix it :(

LonDonE1413d ago

Annoying as hell, i had some retard do this glitch to me and my mates last night. the worse bit is whoever is inside it can still shoot out of the lift and kill passers bye but if you walk up to it and try to shoot him the glass stops all the bullets.

They need to patch this asap but more importantly the lag just needs to be sorted! what hurts the most is I LOVE THIS GAME! its the first cod i have fallen in love with since MW2 and MW1! since blops and lag compensation was started cod has been ruined for me!

I have friends who have always been battlefield guys and they too have fallen in love with the game! this is the first cod game they have gone crazy for!
The movement system is soooo refreshing and just what cod needed.
But the crippling unstable lag is ruining the experience!
Its just not consistent enough, one gun battle you will own a guy with 3 bullets, 2 minutes later the same guy wont die even though hes been hit with a whole mag!

And lord all mighty the broken spawn system, i have lost count the amount of times a kill a dude and he spawns right behind me.
Other then these the game is great, and over time after a patch or two it should go down as one of the best cods ever.

Dannycr1413d ago

And you know whats funny. This is the fastest moving/traversing COD of them all, and people are camping way more!

It's so oxymoronic it hurts

LonDonE1413d ago

LOL so true, i am getting frustrated with losers who just camp on the same rooftop the whole match.

Oschino19071413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Sounds more like you are playing moronic and just exo boosting/sprinting everywhere like most camper whiners.

Hilarious how so many think the proper way to play COD is to sprint everywhere and if you stop for over 3 secs you aren't playing right and a "camper".

They have equipment that can help spot people

You don't have to keep going the same way

Streaks can also spot players

Check your corners and popular cover spots instead rushing


Camper whiners are among the most annoying people playing the game (or any COD). Not anyone's fault but your own when you keep going back to the same spot on the same path. Players like you are the video game definition of running into the meat grinder.

Should the other players apologize for holding down a path to protect their players or an objective.

Should they apologize because people have their heads shoved up their butt and can't stop rushing back to the same area the same way looking for revenge.

Should they apologize because people are over enthused about new movement and think the only way to get around is making a big commotion boosting and jumping/sprinting. all over.

I don't camp because I can't play any other way. I camp when morons can't stop rushing right back to me or the objective I am guarding.

You don't need to do circles around the map when they just keep coming right for you and they don't change tactics. Why wouldn't you shoot fish in a barrel if they kept jumping right on in.

Half the time people cry camper anyway it's because someone shot them from cover or while stationary. As if showing up to a hot spot and taking 5-10 seconds to analyze the situation before acting is a bad thing.

Is it also wrong when the radar clearly shows incoming enemies and I stay back and wait in cover instead of rushing in head strong with no cover?

Stop whining and learn from your mistakes, only a moron would keep doing the same thing over and over while crying about it because they expected different results.

Cream1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

There is no way I'm going to read all that Oschino1907.
One side of paper, double spacing please.

Dannycr1413d ago


You don't need to read Oschino1907 comment.

It's one of those comments of someone who just assume something without even knowing thinking he's better than everyone.

Skip it. It's just a masturbatory thrash comment.

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Whitey2k1413d ago

Ive got a very annoying bug my character just like facing downwards any1 else get that for ps4 version?

Special-Agent-Milo1413d ago

I've got a very annoying bug, my character has his foot up his ass. Any1 else get that for XB1 version?

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1413d ago

odd no ones reported on the new cod advanced warfare update just came 51 mins ago.

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