Has Gamergate Finally Burned Itself Out?

Is Gamergate winding down? If you look at the #gamergate hashtag on Twitter, it would seem not, as it continues to be a constant stream of people pushing a reactionary agenda while claiming to advocate for ethics in gaming journalism. But there's reason to believe that the movement is rapidly losing its effectiveness. In October, Gamergate was able to organize its online shock troops to persuade companies to pull their ads from websites they deemed unfriendly. This month, however, they are not finding the same success.

Game developer and critic Mattie Brice—who is an outspoken "social justice warrior," to use the derogatory term employed by so many Gamergaters for the outspoken liberals they're against—was one of hundreds of judges for the Independent Games Festival.

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arbitor3651410d ago

the awareness raised by gamergate can never be undone. gamers will be extra vigilant from now on, when it comes to collusion and the use of dishonest political narratives in journalism. gamergate will always exist in some forms and it can be re-ignited at any time. we have all banded together, met new people, established new fanbases. every time kotaku, polygon, or rockpaper shotgun post a BS article, or any time SJWs try to bully people in the industry, we will be there.

Anon19741409d ago

You forgot to add "...unless they're broads."